Wednesday, March 01, 2006

... the yellow and blue... shall ever be seen ...

In my mind,

<====== T H I S

will always be

"my room"

Then one summer I came back and all the posters had been taken down, all things that made the room "mine" were gone, because the entire house had been repainted. I never bothered to "personalise" it back.

Then the parents moved to an apartment, while I worked over on the other side of the peninsular. All my stuff got stuffed into "my room" which felt more like "the room assigned to me". When I moved back to KL a few years later, I roomed with a colleague and her sister, on the other side of town. A few years after that, I finally moved outta there and into this room, but like I said, I only used it to sleep. So there was some personalisation, but nothing much...

Then .... then my parents moved again ...

See these bright colors?

put that kind of shine to THIS view

... aaaaand you get a feel for the NEW room assigned to me ...


... looking on the "bright" (haha) side: am just glad it's not the "yellow and blue" of my school colors (where the blue was more like turquoise!)


  1. Is That a star hanging on the wall? LOL, I'm reminded of a kindergarten classroom. :D

  2. yeah... the previous tenants made this room the kid's room... and it shows! it needs a total revamp in color scheme!!

  3. Yellow and Blue. Are your parents Ikea fans?

  4. Adam> LOL! actually, probably the previous owners were, or their kid anyway...


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