Friday, March 17, 2006

Dis and Dat

1. Listening to Green Day “Warning” while typing aimlessly. Other times, I listened to other CDs I missed while in the U.S. : Linkin Park’s 1st & 2nd albums (Hybrid Theory & Meteora). Don’t have a CD player in the room, so can only listen while at the PC. Wondering just which ones I’d make a point of bringing with me to the U.S., whether I’ll go ahead and take ‘em all, or just leave ‘em all… hmmmm… seeing as once I leave (in July? September? Dunno yet) I probably won’t be back here for a few years (barring any family emergency lah), I might as well bring at least those I’ve been missing, eh?

2. The moon’s provided some excellent views these past few days. Right now it looks pretty full, and peeking out from behind some clouds. So purty! And it’s at times like these that I actually feel the urge to invest in a good digital camera, so that I can snap & upload easily. Now, well, I *tried* to capture it with my phone, and well, it was so horrible I deleted it at once, accompanied by a disgusted grimace :p Imagine lah: low resolution, no light, no zoom… oh well :p

3. Blogger was being really weird… I couldn’t post anything – kept getting an error message about my archive not existing! And I was going to boast that I was typing from my beloved Coffee Bean!!! The one at Section 14 PJ. I figured I’d try my luck there, and if they weren’t wifi-ready I could hop over to the Star*ucks @ Jaya itself. Thankfully I didn’t have to do that. And yes, I had my ice vanilla latter regular skim milk with no screw-ups, whoohooo! And, the guy @ the counter recognized me as the “permanent fixture” of CBTL @ Ampang Point, teehehehe! So, even tho this CBTL is not one of my usual hangouts, it felt like I was home. Am I a geek? OR just a total CBTL fan? Both? :D

4. Been raining heavily every evening for weeks now… glad I got that *one* tennis session somehow… cos there’s absolutely NO way to plan anything in the evenings :-(

5. keep getting the line dropped - have had to re-dial-up like ten times already.. grrrr...

patience wearing thin...


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