Sunday, March 05, 2006

A mouthful of surprises!

Do read Samm's account of her loving son and his special raisin for her...

That soooooo reminded me of one time (no, not back in band camp...), I was still in school, either late primary or early secondary, and I was snacking on a bar of chocolate while sitting on the floor of the living room... looked down and saw what looked like a crumb of chocolate... not wanting to waste even a small piece of chocolate, I promptly grabbed it and popped it into my mouth.

Guess what? It wasn't chocolate.

It was a cicak (gecko) dropping!

I grimaced, spat it out... and I think promptly changed the taste in my mouth with another bite of the REAL chocolate, LOL!

And swore never again to pop something into my mouth without first ensuring it actually *was* what I thought it was...


and on a related note: what's worse than finding a worm in an apple you're eating (or a roach in a bowl of mee, or whatever)

finding HALF a worm / roach / whatever.

so far I don't think that's happened to me, thankfully


it happened and I blanked it out, LOL!

have a good weekend, y'all!

(Update on Underworld 2 later once I'm awake and gymmed and breakfasted, etc etc etc)


  1. Haha, gecko indeed. Thx for the referral link. Isnt it amazing what we can find in our unsuspecting food nowadays.

    Aiyo, chocolates with cicak.... i'd sue the brand to bankruptcy if i ever find one in mine, lol.

  2. A friend of my ex actually found a shard of glass in her food while eating in a supposedly classy eatery. That would have been a lot worse than ingesting a dead insect....

    Have a nice weekend lynne... :D

  3. samm> in my case it wasn't what was found in the chocolate, it was just me mistaking a cicak dropping for chocolate, and me being soooo greeeeday that I would actually pick it up off the floor to eat thinking it was chocolate :p

    SnglGuy> yikes! glass I haven't come across... i've had lots of incidents of stone/gravel in rice cos they didn't clean it out properly: it makes a horrible loud noise within your head when you bite down on that :(


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