Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lost Blogs Part Deux

Okay so the assisted plagiarising for Rail, and the non-p0rn meme for SG all done :-)

Now for The Lost Blogs. I first typed about it here.

Then SG talked about... but HE got visited by someone promoting the book, and not me ... i blame it on blogger: they were having major problems then, so maybe Mr Apgar couldn't access my blog at that time?

Annnnyways... the main thing is this "Grassroots Blogger Book Marketing Campaign" being carried out to mark the release of The Lost Blogs.

The gist:
    ... blog every day for one week straight from Monday, April 10 to Friday, April 14, 2006, as your historical figure of choice, or as (a fictional) someone close to them... Do not directly reveal who the historical subject is in your blog entries ... need to avoid posting about historical figures that are already featured in the book...

The best part:
    The top three bloggers throughout the course of the campaign will receive autographed, first-edition copies of the book. Entries will be judged by Paul Davidson himself.

The kiasu in me is jumping up and down at the thought of getting the prize... the slightly more rational part of me is advising caution, since I wonder if i know enough about *any* historical figure to produce at least 5 solid blogs' worth of this persons's thoughts??

Hmmm, I *do* have one person in mind... but would have to do immense amounts of research... I wonder, should I do this or not, especially when I should be working on that magazine article I got assigned 3 weeks ago? :p


  1. Hehe, I was thnking of doing it too. But I doubt if I'll have the time.

    Hope you'll do it though... :-)

  2. Pick up the pieces and get going. You'll be there as you wanted.

    That's challenge from a challenger!

  3. All the best,lynne..You've all the talents,i believe!!


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