Thursday, March 30, 2006

Vanilla-flavoured day :-)

I'm at the Coffee Bean opposite PJ Hilton.
Which happens to be very close to Restoran Syed.
And today is a Friday.

For those who know: yes, Restoran Syed + Friday = NASI BRIYANI BUKHARA!

Good thing I already got my "briyani" fix a while ago...

... but this is the Bukhara one...... (kinda like the briyani gam - the chicken / mutton is cooked together with the rice or something,,,, really really yummy!)

aiyah, so tempting....

~ ~ ~ ~

on another note - across the road from me is Stanford College PJ.

Draped on the building is a huge banner advertising their tagline "Take on the World", plus a list of courses available:
  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • English
  • Hospitality / Tourism Management
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • MBA
  • North American Degrees
  • Pre-U (A-Levels, Foundation Studies)
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Secretarial Studies

Anyone see anything funny there?


Tho I suppose it would involve committing to memory all the Universities in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) and the degrees offered by each institution? In that case nvm lah.

~ ~ ~ ~

update: the weekend drinkfest postponed, bummer. But we may head to Planet Hollywood for their ladies night next week, whoohooo!

10:15 am: F*CK! I just took a sip of my supposed Vanilla Latte - it's vanilla-free. F*CK. I *know* I specified vanilla like TWICE while ordering. F*CK. And guess what? I got charged for a plain Cafe Latte. I'm going to complain anyway - I want my Vanilla!!! Really, the only time I really like coffee is with flavours, especially vanilla. REALLY disappointing, I expect better from my Beanie!!

10:19 am: Aaaah, *much* better! They made a fresh new one for me :-) *now* in heaven, LOL!

The goals for today:
1. source articles off of the net for Rail (some last-minute newsletter thingy - the reason drinkfest got postponed too, grrr!)
2. try to do SG's porn meme :p

Okay, off to "work" I go!

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