Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How's that for a match?

It seems these celebs all look like me :-)

Wanna try your own? Check out this link to the My Heritage Face Recognition site. Many thanx to Samantha Burns and her article Celebs Who Look Like Me

btw, on my 1st try, I got 7 matches; then when resubmitting the same photo while preparing this blog, I got three additional matches... Roseanne Barr (oh, shoot me now!), Madonna (hey, not bad), and Jamie Lynn Spears.

Yes, Gloria Estefan was the top/best match, both times.

And hey, that's even *without* my perm-gone-wrong french-poodle a.k.a. "the gloria do" of yesteryear.... whaddaya know...

Try it out... and tell me what/who you got, k?

(UPDATE [Thursday 23rd March]: after spending a bit of time looking at the pix above, I'd conclude that I think the best match is actually the Spears kid. Those who know me - do you concur? Just don't say Roseanne barr, okay??!!)


  1. Ran it from an old photo...
    First celeb is:
    James Coburn...

  2. James Coburn? had to consult imdb for that name, & Google Images for the face... dunno him, but he looks rather Spock-like, dont u think? not sure about resemblance to u tho ...


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