Tuesday, March 28, 2006

... i wonder ...

This caught my eye yesterday:
Chicken run in Malacca

MALACCA: When it comes to free fried chicken, all fears of bird flu go out the window.

At the Melaka Sentral wet market entrance yesterday morning, 200kg of fried chicken were gone in under 10 minutes.

Eighteen chicken traders at the market donated 10 birds each for the free chicken meal event organised by the Malacca Hawkers and Traders Association to promote chicken consumption.

Many among the 1,000 people who turned up for the 11am free meal came ready with plastic bags with the intention to ta pau (take away) the chicken.

The fried chicken went so fast that many did not have a chance to grab a piece, so the chicken traders gave another 200kg of chicken to appease the crowd.

Seeing the fresh supply, the people crowded the volunteers frying the meat and some even tried to grab the raw chicken.

Association president Wong Soo Tang was delighted with the response.

(The Star, 28 March 2006)

I'm sorry, but really, what were you trying to achieve here?

All I see is greedy Malaysians who will stop at nothing to get free food.

Bring ta pau containers summore...
Crowding the "cooks" - not caring about safety, eh?
Trying to grab the raw chicken - hellooooooo bacteria galore!!

When I read this, all I felt was disgust.

So, what was it they wanted to highlight here? The Ugly kiasu Malaysian? Job done!

Oh, for comparison, see how things went in Penang: here.

What a difference:
  • Only 250 Penangites vs 1000+ Malaccans?
  • The Penang chicken party served FOUR types of chicken dishes, in Malacca just one (FRIED pulak tu... how healthy, NOT!)
  • The Penangites are specified as mostly elderly - so the Malaccans' mad rush was caused by "younger" people ke?

Are Penangites more concerned about the bird flu than Malaccans hence the lower turnout?
Or perhaps they are less gullible easily carried away by the prospect of free food until they don't care about anything else, even their health?

.. or was it perhaps some lack in publicity, otherwise we'd have seen the same mad rush as in Malacca?

... i wonder... :p


  1. typical malaysians! Greedy for free food...malu nyer!!!! Ta pau lagi???? sigh!!!

    anyway, how are you doing, gal?

    sook mei

  2. take what's given and don't worry of bird flu because if there is health issue, you can seek damage claim.

  3. Free food is always a big crowd drawer...


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