Monday, March 13, 2006

friggin dial-up

okay so friggin blogrolling seems to be down, so don't have immediate access to my fave blogs' links from my blog page.

Glad I have *some* links thanks to the part of my sidebar...

But! those few pages take forever to load... some never load at all...


I think it's mainly a friggin dial-up issue. It's 5pm - peak usage?



  1. Hey, I've noticed that I'm the number one referrer in your blog. As with the other blogs that I visit... LOL! :D

  2. no kidding! you are a prolific blog-visitor! :-)

  3. Well not really,I think those are the visitors that hopped here from my site. :-)

  4. Get yourself a broadband... unless your area don't have one. Dail up... is a piece of shit slow

  5. Have this problem with sometimes. And yeah it pisses me off too.

  6. maverick> i would, if i were here permanently... cos with my parents' usage that is so low, it's not worth it... so i just have to deal with it lah... or go to a wifi-equipped cafe and shell out RM10 for a drink and broadband :p

    Adam> i've noticed the blogrolling problem on and off... it was just way too annoying that one time I just *had* to blog about it or explode, LOL! Anyways, what to expect out of a free service... lain hal lah if I was paying, right?

    SnglGuy> true true, but I assumed maybe half the visits are from you yourself? Am not complaining tho :-)


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