Saturday, April 12, 2008

2 am

I usually end up doing a pseudo all-nighter when Kosh is away on overnight call. I suppose today hasn't been much different. I did *nothing* today. Woke up achy and wasted, so all I did was snack (and snack, and snack...) and read. Finished that book I mentioned, and while it was a good read, I suspected it wasn't the book I thought it was, since it had nothing at all similar to Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere - turns out I got the wrong book, LoL!

No biggie, it was still a great read and was such a funny yet sad and bittersweet account of life in Moscow behind the Iron Curtain.

I'll keep an eye out for the "correct" book at the library tomorrow - if I remember the correct title this time :-)

In the meantime - debating what book to read next. I have a "romantic fantasy" by Lois Macmaster Bujold ready to be picked up at the library, which I expect to consume over the weekend. Then what? I'm thinking of rereading Stephen King's Dark Tower series (last read in June 2005! see my post here) to refresh my memory, during which time, probably after Book 4, I'd pick up the comic book graphic novel I got for Kosh but have yet to read - I figured the tale was so rusty in my head, especially the "time zone" addressed, I'd be better off rereading first.

Of course, I was agonizing over the new Isobelle Carmody book too: the sooner I reread, the sooner I can/need to/have the excuse to get going on the ordering online vs waiting for it to hit the shores of the USA or even Malaysia!

And of course, I have like 60+ books on my very incomplete "to read" list over at

Decisions, decisions!

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  1. It's a tough choice! I think you need your own personal library... :) Then you can just go grab the book on whim's notice!


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