Tuesday, April 29, 2008


... so much for winter being gone. It's in its death throes, certainly, but not gone. The weather turned crappy yesterday, lots of rain with a chance of snow mixed-in, blah! And today, it's only 37F. At least it's sunny.

as if that wasn't bad enough, the *^#@^&%#(&&^ apartment we live in, the administration is so crap.... so they send out a notice to everyone about impending maintenance work that will involve lots of jackhammering and noise, starting tomorrow.

Which is NICE, you say?

But they say NOTHING about work that's going on in the APARTMENT ABOVE ME, today, starting from 8:30am! Sounds like some sort of heavy-duty drilling going on.


If nothing else at least Kosh happened to call & wake/drag me out of bed already before it started, otherwise I'd have been even MORE pissed off to be woken up by this din.

I've put up with it for an hour, but not for very much longer can I stand it.

Y'know, if the weather were normal outside, I wouldn't hesitate to grab a blanket and a book, and just go outside and read for an hour or three.

But like I said, it's friggin cold out.

So what to do???


(going to shower, take some advil, and by that time perhaps I'll have an idea of where to go / what to do to escape!)

(note - took me another hour to play around with inserting the photos [don't ask!], and the noises seem to have stopped a minute ago - phew!)

(note #2 - it's 12:30 n ... and while the major drilling has stopped, they are now hammering like there's no tomorrow. aarrrggghhhhh! I escaped for an hour by going to the gym, btw. But I'm going to go nuts really soon...)


  1. There is nothing worse than maintenance work or drilling holes when all you want is peace and quiet.

    Hope for your sanity that it will be over with asap.

    The weather here has turned as well. After a really hot weekend we're back to rain, rain and more rain.

  2. Definitely one of the hazards of living in Chi-town huh? It was nice here for about 5 minutes last week but like has been cold and crappy ever since.

    I hope the noise monsters leave your building soon ;-)

  3. Kat & Jeff> sanity was returned a few days later... nothing as bad as that first day tho... thanks for your good wishes!


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