Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Stone Key is out!

For the handful of people aware of the existence of Isobelle Carmody: THE STONE KEY is *finally* out!! Whoohoooooo!!!

Of course, it's only available in Oz (and I assume NZ too) at the moment... so my first thought when I found out about this (via facebook - ah *what* would I do without you?) was to send an almost incoherent desperate message to Allie asking her if she'd pretty please be willing to buy & send the book over to me. After a price quote (thanks Allie!), with postage costing more than the book, and the book itself costing about $25 (it's a paperback!), and with Kosh acting as a sanity check, I decided to not pursue that course ... for a while, at least. Why?

Firstly because I found an Ozzie online bookstore that would ship the book for just slightly more than what Allie would be able to do, but at least then I wouldn't be imposing on her... secondly, I want to reread books 1-4 anyways, so I don't *have* to have it rightaway... and thirdly, by giving it a bit of time, it might become available by other as yet unidentified channels here in the U.S., or perhaps even on the shelves of Kinokuniya in KL by the time I head there in Oct-ish.

Hmmm... or Kosh'll go ahead and order it for me in August for my b/day, who knows :-)

besides... I'm struggling through my first "serious" book of the year, I'll just keep the anticip[say it!]pation stretched out even longer by not even starting Obernewtyn Book 1 until after I've tackled the three other books I already checked out and have yet to read... sometimes I really love to torture myself, don't I?

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