Saturday, August 12, 2006

Movie Revue

Kosh needs his vegetation time in front of the telly to unwind from work. During the day I'm still catching up with tons of episodes of DaVinci's Inquest [but I wouldn't impose that upon Kosh!]; in the evening/night, we've watched a few movies.

Like these:
  • omg so f*cking hilarious! Get it! Rent it! Watch it!!!! i was howling with laughter through so many parts of this flick! I am so *not* a zombie-movie-type person, but then again, this is NOT a typical zombie movie. It's great. Go watch it! Go!!

  • Eh. Wasn't very impressed. Slept through the middle half of it. The only thing going for it? The corny close caption description of the music - THAT had me LOL-ing and smiling [effectively countering the yawning. temporarily.]
  • In the solitary cell, Qui-Gon Jinn says "I counted six, Mr Wayne" : [ominous theme playing]
  • When Bruce Wayne gets released from prison & dumped by side of the road, he gets up and studies the mountains : [suspenseful, meditative theme playing]
  • Soon after Bruce Wayne arrives at the training place, Qui-Gon Jinn growls "Make no mistake : here you face death!" : [tense action theme playing]
  • Bruce Wayne spray paints his first batsuit : [dark, thrilling theme playing]

  • Yeah, dunno how funny that strikes you reading it here... i just have to say that when you combine a sucky movie with corny captions, it makes the movie just a wee bit bearable!

Oh, and how's this for s.a.d.?

A few minutes ago the TV was on and I caught a few minutes of something that looked like George of the Jungle - except that it wasn't with Brendan Fraser. And Ursula looked [and sounded] very very familiar. I had an idea of who she was, and wanted to confirm it. So hunted high and low in imdb/amazon before finding the movie (George of the Jungle 2 : i think it was a direct-to-DVD release!). Looked up Ursula, who was played by one Julie Benz. Who played Darla in Buffy / Angel. I was right! Haahahahaaaaa! I am *so* proud of myself!

But wait! It gets better! I noticed Ms Benz is in a new tv series DEXTER, and after a few clicks here and there to get more information... whaddaya know... it's based on those alliteratively-titled books I totally loved last year, about a "moral" serial killer who helps hunt down "run-of-the-mill" serial killers. See here and here. Would be really interesting to see how they adapted that to the small screen. Pity we don't get Showtime. Oh well. [Oh - i *think* Ms Benz plays Dexter's "beard" of sorts. If you've read the book u know how/what I mean].


  1. Shawn of the Dead is hilarious! I loved it!

  2. Shaun of the Dead is awesome. My husband and I always hum the "White Lines Zombie Version" and laugh our asses off.

  3. I have watched most of the zombie horror movies but a funny one - I haven't seen. Will try to get the DVD version.

  4. I am a zombie-movie person, and you're right that "Shaun of the Dead" is one of the great ones .. the "Shaun" crew have cooked a new one called "Hot Fuzz" that looks hilarious, but I'm not sure when or how wide it will open

  5. I watched "Shawn of the Dead", then picked up a copy of "Dawn of the Dead". That caused me to laugh at some of the somes in "DOTD" as I could remember a similar scene from "SOTD". Hilarious.


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