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... and now it's Chicago r.a.i.n.!!

Poor Kosh had to BE at work at 515am today! And that's after only getting back just before 10pm last night. Glad KTN was game to just hang out and chat & consume a veggie pizza instead - we'll do that outing to Greek Town another time, ya?

Now it's raining. Pouring. Almost tropical in its intensity and behaviour!
And we discovered that one of the windows leaks.
Something to get on maintenance's case about.

So yeah, right now it's about 550am - it's raining hard again - would be nice sleeping weather, except that I'm wide awake! My sleeping pattern seems to be to sleep about 6 hrs a day: 3 hrs between 1 - 5pm, and another 3hrs between 10pm - 5am :p Today will try to "fight" the "afternoon nap".

Other news:
  • Okay I don't know who DOESN'T have a soft spot for Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver - he was the coolest geek EVAH! My all-time fave "scene" is the one where he pretty much finds 101 uses for a map, ending with using it as a sled to slide down sand dunes. Nifty! Anyways - wiki has this List of Problems solved by MacGyver, where not only are the problems described, but in many cases they have also been verified whether they were realistic or not. I don't care whether they pass or fail - just rereading what MacGyver pulled off is loads of fun all by itself! Check it out!

  • Okay so I'm no fanatic of Elvis, but still, I'm intrigued to know that for all those tours held in graceland, no one is allowed upstairs, which essentially is where the bedroom & bathroom of The King are located. Read more about it here, plus *gasp* photos of the upstairs!!

  • Signed up & joined BlogHer "where the women bloggers are" just for s's and g's (shits & giggles): figured if we are staying on at Chicagoland for more than a year, I might as well do some long-term planning and attend the BlogHer2007 conference scheduled for July 27th and 28th 2007, eh?

  • Kosh wants to take us to see Wicked!! Whoohooo!! of course, being able to determine in advance WHEN his days/nights off are gonna be, and then buy the tickets accordingly - that's gonna be a challenge!

  • This weekend is Lollapalooza here in Chicago! The Peppers, Flaming Lips and Blues Traveler are among the 130 bands performing over them 3 days of 4th - 6th August. Kinda interested, but me being the chicken that I am, I dunno if I'd wanna go alone, dunno if I wanna drag Kosh there, dunno if we'd be fine with just hanging out enjoying the noise.... especially when it would cost USD73 e.a.c.h. for a day ticket!

  • I'm currently still processing an email from an ex-schoolmate: am actually very puzzled at her behaviour, she seems to have had a total meltdown at not being in the loop wrt my departure on the 30th and for not being on the very short invite list for that mini-pseudo-farewell on the 23rd. We've exchanged e-mails, but I don't think either of us truly understands the other's angle; perhaps the best way is just to agree to disagree about how appropriate/inappropriate my actions/choices were. We'll see....

  • I was had. So was Dawn! Turns out that "Emily" was nothing but a viral marketing campaing for Court TV or something. Grrrr! Boooo! Hissssss!!
Cool, all this has taken me to almost 8am! The rain seems to have stopped too. Will whip up some breakfast.. hit the gym... maybe go exploring for some lunch if/when it dries up outside?!



  1. You are absolutely right, MacGyver was the coolest geek ever. He made even the smallest geeky thing so damn bloody cool!! I still love watching the never ending re-runs from time to time that is normally shown on Astro. Brings back memories of the good old days of the 80s/early 90s TV shows.

  2. MacGyver kicked @ss. And it'd be very cool if you went to BlogHer next year. I'll probably be there. Woo hoo!


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