Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rain rain go awayyyyyy!

Okay so it's more like a heavy drizzle.

... but it's been doing that ALL DAYYYYYYYY!!

* * * *

Anyways... so today was my appointment with that poor Personal Shopper person. The poor guy was made to work work work but in the end the session was a bust - i kept gravitating to a black jacket & skirt... and if I'm gonna end up in black then I might as well make do with my existing wardrobe!!

But, a good thing about the whole almost 2-hour session, was that I'd gotten some momentum and inspiration to actually check out what was on the racks, and to try some stuff on... So with a certain something in my existing wardrobe in mind, I found a certain top that should go with it, plus a belt. I suppose my theme will be black with some light green & silver.

We'll see how it all comes together: will try the combo on... after I shower and wash the rain heavy drizzle outta my hair!

Kinda cool that Kosh is on call, so he won't see what I've got in mind, teeheehee!

But gawsh I do hope this works... i do *not* wanna spend more time hopping in and out of clothes in dressing rooms... urgh!!

* * * *
On a totally different note: There's this page with some celebrities' yearbook photos... I usually suck at identifying them, but there was this one on the 4th Row, 2nd from the Left - I immediately dismissed as Matt Damon.

[I have to admit that I [well, Kosh and I] dismiss Matt Damon almost instinctively due to conditioning from watching Team America, teeheehehe!]

Anyways - go check out that picture on Row #4 2nd from the Left. (HERE)

That look like Matt damon to you?

Now, go see the real answer on the bottom of that page.

ROTFLMAO I was *so* wrong!

And how ironic, eh? One of my fave people in this world and I didn't recognise him immediately, LOL!


  1. Oh man, this reminds me of my HS yearbook picture. It was soooo bad, I was in a combat fatigue uniform as I was on detail the day our yearbook picture was being taken. I looked like a dork! :-D

  2. Matt Damon looks like he could've been in my HS. It's funny how easy it is to spot people my age ;)

    I got a few of them. I wish they were bigger though.

  3. And FOCL: I thought Eminem was a girl!

  4. SG> we don't have this kinda of "yearbook pictures" in Malaysia, but yeah I suppose I could one day dig up something from my 1989 yearbook and compare that to my baby pic avatar *and* my current look. [that would skip my french poodle perm-gone-wrong phase, phew!!]

    Eden> if you clicked each one it would patch you through to a larger one on its own page ... but yeah, I'd rather have 12 rows of 3 large pix instead of the 6x6 layout with thumbnails...

    [btw - what's FOCL? Falling Off Crate Laughing? seriously, i've never heard/seen FOCL before, looked up urban dictionary and found FOCF so I figured it was almost the same..]

  5. You threw my dad for a loop with your ROTFLMAO comment on my previous post. Check it out though, I set him straight!


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