Monday, August 21, 2006

... to quiet the mind ...

... it's quite the challenge.

it's also kinda amusing to see/observe the thoughts that run through your mind when you're trying to not think of anything.

I'm not keeping track of how long i take when I do take the time out of my oh *so* busy schedule of a jobless bum to sit down and meditate, nor do I beat myself over the head with guilt if I don't do it at least once a day... but hey, this morning's session was pretty cool. I managed to kinda disassociate myself such that I was kinda observing my thoughts rather than getting caught up by them. I forget what the thoughts actually were about, I just remember being quite amused :-)

I am reminded of the other side of the coin, when I was first exposed to Sahaja Yoga and was doing this solo-meditation,,, and got freaked out because at one point, I "saw" something red which seemed to come right at me, I "heard" like a roaring in my ears, and it was really freaky. So far nothing like that now, I think I'm a lot more "balanced" than I was in 2002 when I had this freaky encounter. Did I mention I found it freaky? Not meant in a literal sense, but I think I've gotten rid of a lot of demons between then and now. Besides, with a group meditation session on Saturdays, i think it helps keep me a bit more grounded/connected than if I was just kinda on my own all the time.

Anyways - this morning I did "regular" meditation plus a bit of "cleansing of the left side" .... if I feel the urge later this evening, I'll try out the "cleansing of the right side", after all, that's where there seems to be more "blockages" - whaddaya expect - that deals with the future, and remember I'd alluded to loads of stress that's probably gonna mount till maybe the 13th of Sept or so? Anything to help me deal with it without a meltdown will be g.r.e.a.t.!

Not gonna be blogging/surfing too much today. Feel like curling up with a good book, or getting caught up a bit more on those DaVinci's Inquest recordings, heehehhe!


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