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In less than a month's time it will be all over

That's what I keep telling myself.

In less than a month's time it will be all over.

But between now and then, stress is building up.

Something deemed tentative is kinda being forced by other parties to be "certain" instead. So now forced to plan for stuff when a major initial requirement is still not there.

How not to stress meh?

I feel my blood pressure up too.

Can we say F. U. N. ???

* * * *
The cat puked *again*. This time it wasn't just hair - looked like she'd regurgitated some totally unchewed food too. Urgh. It's kinda nice to have her puke on uncarpeted floors tho - *so* much easier to clean!! I suppose THAT's the silver lining to that story.

Last night, tho, she woke us up pawing [no, battering!!] the bathroom door demanding to drink water from the faucet. We didn't give her any face lah, but dammit she robbed us of sleep, especially poor Kosh!!

Right now she's making an atrocious amount of noise playing with the empty boxes piled high in the living room. Silly cat.

* * * *
Kosh is on call today. So he left at this morning 545am, and I won't see him till maybe 2pm tomorrow, and based on the other time he was on call, that's being optimistic. The folk would like us to head to their place for the weekend to mark my b-day a few days early, but seeing as Kosh needs to work on Sunday, I don't think I'd want to spend 4 hours of his one day off on Saturday driving to/from the folks'... see lah how...

* * * *
Need to get hair trimmed - once it gets to a certain length, I start to shed like crazy [too long, too heavy? who knows...]. Kosh already warned me in advance "Please don't expect me to notice if you get anything done to your hair... I probably couldn't tell unless you, oh, shaved yr head,,, and even then it might take me a while to figure out what was different" LOL okay not that bad lah, but glad he's practicing prevention LOL!

* * * *
Got some BBQ Beef Ribs last nite, from Hecky's. Eh. All right lah: certainly meatier and tenderer than at Porgy's... but also very fatty too, more expensive, and the sauce is nothing, NOTHING, I tell ya, compared to that of Porgy's!

And we were forced to get a full slab cos they don't sell halves like Porgy's. But if a half = 4 ribs, then shouldn't a full = 8? Cos we got only SEVEN ribs. We were robbed!! [I let Kosh have the odd one - I was full @ 3 anyway..]

Wonder if I'm gonna be able to talk Kosh into a trip down to Champaign/Urbana *just* for a session of their beef ribs?? [yup, that's a Malaysian talking (typing?) all right... we are willing to drive for hours for our food....].

But with gas prices to f*ckin high... maybe not for a few months, eh?

* * * *
On to other stuff.

H/T samantha burns for most of these links

1. Entertainment Weekly's 25 most controversial movies of all time: I was intrigued that there were so many I didn't know/hadn't heard of at all! Tho this also reminded me that I'd wanted to get a hold of The Message. Hmmm wonder if it exists within the Chicago Public Library system? Dunno if there's any other on that list that appeals to me, tho [yeah yeah so The Da Vinci Code is there... I still dunno if I wanna watch the movie.]

2. Poem Generator. And I don't mean crummy roses are red violets are blue poems. I mean this thing generates crap like
I lie on a bed of lust, on a pillow of tears, eternally bleeding from the cruelty of thy absence

Electric arcs firing within me are nothing compared to when thy tongue dances with mine

For one kiss from thy ruby lips, would drive any mortal being to drink thy absinthe from them again and again

For now, I leave you with untold secrets, forged in heaven and whispered within dreams
*cough!* *cough!*

3. Hair Bands. Bad Hair Days. Just keep clicking "next" and be ready for some good laughs.

4. Some food anomalies... sure some are so totally photoshopped... but still worth a looksee.

5. Kenny Sia's got some great comparative art pix.

Okay that's enuf websurfin for me for today. I need to go find some food. Ciao!


  1. I've actually heard of or seen all but five of them. And there are a couple I really need to rewatch just because I miss them so much. Deer Hunter being one of them. That was such a fantastic movie. But it's been a long time.


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