Monday, January 22, 2007

"Hey, he/she looks familiar...."

... or "what on earth would I do without imdb?!"

1. (re-)watching Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story while it was on tv the other day, the character Justin was soooooo familiar and yet I just couldn't quite place him. So out came the 'puter, onto imdb I went... and started LoL-ing once I found the fella's page... the actor is Justin Long, and he made his debut in this fantastic spoof of Star Trek that I've seen like oh only twenty times or so and is only one of my fave movies evah: Galaxy Quest! Can you place him now?

2. Having finally finished going through the entire Buffy series, I'd Netflixed some Angel discs [Season 4 Disc 6, Seson 5 Discs 1 & 2] to just follow the story arc of Spike and how he is established in Angel / Wolfram & Hart (W&H)... and one of the many W&H lawyers looked mighty familiar... again, I turned to imdb to confirm my suspicions.. and yes, the fella who starts a conga line during the Halloween party in Angel has for the past 1.5 years been sharing screen time with Angel [well, David Boreanaz anyway] as Dr Jack Hodgins, or "the bug guy", in Bones. Heh, that's kinda cool :-)

3. And with all those law & Order episodes I've been watching? That tv show has only been on for like 17 years, so it's not like there have been a whole bunch of actors who've participated in it.... not! So anyways, yes, last night there were two episodes with this blonde in the district attorney's office who looked very much like another [early] Angel character... looked her up, and whaddaya know, I was right, she was Detective Kate Lockley, remember her?

... and before you think I'm sadly always spot on for these "he/she looks familiar" incidents, I also struck out recently: another Law & Order person looked familiar, the one who's currently playing A.D.A. Alexandra Borgia [Annie Parisse] but nothing on her filmography says anything to me... finally figured out that she kinda looks like that actress, over at Without A Trace... agree or not?

... and last night The Dresden Files debuted on the Sci-Fi channel... of course, I didn't see it [I'm not gonna sign us up for a majorly expanded cable package *just* for that one channel, y'know!]. No big, it'll come out on DVD soon enough, LoL! Hopefully it gets renewed beyond its original order of 11 episodes, y'know? Then again, depends on the response... and from what I've read in the forum, there are those who totally hate that it's nothing like the book, and others who wanna give it a chance... either way, I'll get around to watching it, one day.

Till then? I'll continue doing what I do best: being a jobless bum & lovin' it!


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  1. I didn't realize Galaxy Quest predated Ed by two years. I always thought he got his start on TV. Both are great, though. Galaxy Quest is a guilty pleasure. Frickin' hilarious.


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