Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Sanity

Trivia #1:
So we were watching The Manhattan Project the other night. The movie itself is pretty straightforward - very dated and not lacking in some plot holes relating to a high school kid who steals some high grade plutonium and makes an atomic bomb.

But, his girlfriend... there was something familiar about her... her smile, her teeth, her voice... tired of being puzzled, I looked her up on imdb. Turns out she's a younger and blonde Miranda (Cynthia Nixon, SatC). Kinda cool that *i* "called it [usually it's Kosh who catches things like this!].

Then, because his mother too was vaguely familiar, I looked *her* up too. Heh. That took me back 15 years! Turns out she was Ann Kelsey on L.A. Law! I used to watch that show religiously in my high school days :-)

Trivia #2:
Finally made it though all the tapes of Da Vinci's Inquest Kosh had recorded for me. WGN had cycled through it, so the final episode (where DaVinci announced his candidacy for Mayor) was followed by Episode 4 (the euthanasia one). I was struck by the fact that Maria who works in the morgue during the latter part of the series looked and sounded suspiciously like that euthanasia "victim" in Episode 4! So that called for another imdb / digging session: and it turns out Ms Alisen Down appeared as different characters in Season 1 and Season 2 before making it as Dr Maria Donato. Heh. Another bit of trivia I'm feeling proud at having uncovered :-)

On to other news:
eh? *what* other news? LOL! It's the weekend, we're vegetating. Yay! Probably post a meme tomorrow.


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  1. I remember that movie. John Lithgow, right? And the whole scene with the snipers about to shoot him right behind the ear? Yep. I loved that movie. Can't believe that's Cynthia Nixon, though.

    I did know it was Jill Eikenberry (from L.A. Law). I remember learning that pretty early on.


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