Thursday, September 07, 2006

Maybe Lorena Bobbit works for a mamak shop? and other rambling thoughts

Karl [and other enquiring minds] - I'd describe the t- sheets as "warm and comfy", but not overpoweringly suffocating the way flannel sheets are. I suppose compared to flannel, t-sheets are cooling. Definitely comfy! Yes, they get a bit warped when washed, just like regular tee's. And a drawback to the specific brand we ended up buying three sets of is that the pillowcases don't have "flaps" on them, so the ends of the pillows might stick out a bit. But hey, overall, I'm happy with them. :-)

Cat - somehow, Kosh had the day kinda free yesterday, so we took the cat to a vet, where Kosh agreed to put the cat through its Senior Ageing Wellness Program or whatever, which essentially means you pay mucho dinero for blood tests & urine analysis targetted for elderly cats [I think she's 8 or 10 years old]. Except that they couldn't extract her urine - it seems she has a tiny bladder that would not suffer being poked by a needle too well. So we were given an aluminium pan, fake litter [which looks like sillica gel balls, but is totally opposite - these do NOT absorb liquid] and told to get the cat to pee in that, then get a full syringe worth of pee, and bring that back over to them. Yeah. Not really sure how to set it up such that she will actually "go" there, all we could come up with was to put that aluminium pan right there in her litter box, on the existing litter. Takes up maybe 75% of the surface area. Rolled up other rugs that she might decide to "go" on instead. But. Guess what? It's been over 15hours - she ain't peed yet. Anywhere. I need to get that sample to them before we leave town this afternoon! Arrrrgggghhhhh!!

Torpedo Soup - something "discovered" in 2001 by me, my then-bf and KTN & CLB who were visiting Malaysia for the first [and so far, only] time. More details here, triggered by ToniXe. If you *still* don't know what it is [especially with the title of this post as a major clue - different species, same organ], well, I suppose you can drop me a comment and I'll tell ya how blur you are, how's that? teeheehee!

Exercise - huh? what's that??? heehehee no lah, not that bad lah... but I *was* "absent" from the gym for almost a week, then the past two days saw me doing 35 min then 40 mins at Level 2 then Level 4 on the elliptical thingy. Yesterday I burned over 400 cals (which covers two zone bars, lol!), whoohooo! This weekend, exercise is pretty much shot tho. I need to up the frequency, followed by duration, of these sessions. Don't feel like doing any of that today though. Heeehehehee!



  1. You are a fitness geek! 400cal per day? Soon, you will burnout...

  2. O.k.

    Tangily heavy spicy beef brew sounded reeeeal good.

    What if the bull wasn't.... well.... gifted?

  3. Mav> really? doesn't seem like much, somehow. No worries, I exercise in spurts anyway - haven't hit the gym since this post a week ago!

    Ganga> yup... look at the sidebar, I'm in Chicago already, since 30th July 2006 :-)

    Chanakin> you never know, it may the the same broth for all the cow/bull-related soups, then they throw in the relevant body parts [penis / tail / etc] depending what you order? And unless you know what it tastes like, maybe substitutions are made without the customer being any wiser?? btw, according to ToniXe's little post, you can oder the organ uncut/separate from the broth. yum. you can try, I will, errr, I will... I will... I will stay away, LOL!


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