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T minus Zero!

Previously: T minus Two, One & Half, we were carpooling to the Courthouse.

Getting into the building
    Perhaps we neglected to inform the parents about the fact that we would all be subject to scans & searches, kinda like getting on a plane, because, well, we were going to a Courthouse: you know, the kind where there are judges and accuseds and lawyers? Someone's belt and another's Swiss Pen knife caused problems and had to be taken to the car. Geeeez, yes, a pen knife. Brought to a courthouse. Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

Getting the courtroom
    So Kosh and I hike it over to the administration office while the rest of the group is still going through the metal detectors, seeing as it's juuuuuuuuuuuust exactly the appointment time.

    No one at the office/desk.

    We wait around, and *still* no one.

    I start to freak a bit, wondering if they would actually turn us back because we hadn't arrived 15mins prior to the appointment as recommended! Then there *is* someone there, we check-in, and are told to wait in the hallway till we get called.

    By this time, the rest of the group has found their way up, & wonder of wonders, someone wants to whip out his camera while waiting. Despite our earlier admonishments that no photos allowed except in the courtroom itself, with permission granted by the judge! Glad we nipped that in the bud - wouldn't have been good to get married *and* bail out a relative on the same day, eh? LOL!

    At this point, Kosh distributed a rose each to the mothers, and the dozen for me* were handed to a nephew for safekeeping. The oldest nephew was given the task of safeguarding our rings. [* Yes, a dozen roses for me. Very sweet of him, and it "met with the approval" of the group... proving that most people do not want to believe that he didn't have to do the flowers thing for me [I am so *not* a {stereo}typical "girl", you'd think "people" would "get" that by now], and even if he did, simple stuff like carnations would have done just as well [they *are* yummilicious, and roses overrated, after all!]]


    Then these two uniformed guards [technically they were bailiffs, I suppose] called our names [well, they called Kosh's name and attempted mine, LOL!], and we filed into a nearby courtroom.

T itself
  • "Witnesses" took their seats in the jury box.
  • Kosh and I stood at the podium where the judge would stand facing us.
  • Permission was granted by the bailiffs for phto-taking - and wow, I felt like a celebrity! There were four cameras in use, and trying to keep a smile PLUS look at the correct direction at the correct time? Quite a challenge!
  • Judge comes in, we start the whole thing. Of course, he totally f*cks up my name - anyone surprised?
  • At the end of the ceremony, we are pronounced husband and wife, a piece of paper is signed, and there you have it.
  • Of course, the judge also totally blew it for me when just after the pronouncement, he looks over to the jury box and invites two people to be witnesses to this joyous event. This, after being told many times by the court administrator that "no witnesses required"! I suppose the judge assumed we'd arranged for witnesses since we'd brought quite the crowd with us, just as he assumed he could pronounce my name without checking with me before starting the ceremony! And since I'd already blithely brushed off my parents' question about having designated witnesses, again, I'm made to look like I didn't know what I was talking about. F*ck the judge, man! [In fact, the witnesses sign on the section that is not official, and not part of the record. So it's true, witnesses not required. Would be nice to know in advance that the judge will still *invite* witnesses tho! Grrrrr!] So yeah. I was actually *mad* at the judge right then, but had to just swallow that in order to go on and do the official signing thing a few minutes later.

  • He then left the room, I got handed over the roses [they'd been in the safekeeping of a nephew all this time] and we were again the subject of numerous photos, with just about every combination you can think up [her parents / his parents / the parents / the siblings...] except with the nephews. An unfortunate oversight.

    The bailiffs were plenty patient with us but seemed very happy to see our backs as we filed out the courtroom.

T plus next few hours
    Outside, it was *so* hot there was no way for any pix cos we'd all be squinty-eyed! So we headed back to the SIL's place.

    Champagne & toasts.

    Kosh and I wanted more pix in the garden, and proceeded to strike a few poses. [Good thing we insisted! These pix came out well! The ones in the courtroom came out crappy with poor lighting!]

    Then it was time for dinner.

    But despite my planning for things up till "T", I'd overlooked some stuff I'd need for after "T"... so we still had to hash out some details in order to get the 9 adults in 2 vehicles to the restaurant from SIL's place and from hotel. Bad enough that start time for the next day's brunch was made into an issue *rolls eyes*.

    Anyways. So we manage to all make it to the restaurant in one piece. Dinner itself was quite nice, tho the place was a bit too noisy/crowded than anticipated. Food was good, drinks quite good, but the service was, well, okay at first, but I think we waited over half an hour for our dessert?!

    The older folks called it a day soon after, leaving me, Kosh and my brother to stay on and catch the 60's band that was going to play that night. They were okay lah - a better sound system [esp a mic for one of the singers] would have made for a much better set. Was nice to hear the Dave Clark Five's "Because" again tho - I sang along to that and a few others that I recognised :-)

    We'd arranged for the hotel shuttle to pick us up at 1030pm again - hit the hay [hey!!] soon after

    [But guess what? The restaurant closed its doors permanently the next day! Like all unannounced and leaving another party who'd essentially reserved the whole place totally screwed! Glad we didn't get that glitch thrown at us!!]

Next post? The *final* installment of the T series (thank gawd!)
Stay tuned!
Regular programming will continue after this.


  1. my god just how much i miss your blog!!!

    it's not that i don't want to check it out, it's just that i kinda lost the spirit since i discovered that my blog is missing.

    and now it's back. seriously *spooky* stuff. hahaha...

    anyway, feels gooooooddd to be back!!!

  2. hugggggzzzzzz!! so good to see you back too! and I am so happy for you that your blog reappeared! I would absolutely crushed if mine disappeared on me! I've been blogging since ~June '04... that's a LOT of entries!!

  3. Howdy...

    Been following up and wanting to congratulate you on your wedding.

    The cool part is the body search into the courthouse :-P . Is it a swiss tradition to carry a pen-knife everywhere? I thin I know it is...

    Anyways... congratulations..


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