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T plus ...

Previously: T minus Two, One, Half & Zero!

T plus One
Brunch at 10am-ish, hosted yet again by SIL and family - we invdaded their home three days in a row, and they still seem glad to have all of us, LOL! Kosh's parents leave soon after.

Nothing "solid" planned from after this brunch - had toyed with the idea of going on a boat cruise in Chicago itself, but my brother did request a shopping trip [his suitcase had been filled with chocolate bribes, now empty!] to take advantage of the better prices of clothes compared to Switzerland. So took him and the folks to Farm & Fleet. Yes, Farm & Fleet. My brother did say he wouldn't mind some flannel shirts and jeans, so tell me where else would one go? LOL! I picked myself up a pair of carpenter jeans: not that I do any carpentering, but I just like the idea of having those extra pockets and hoops, teeheehee! :-)

Thanfully, F&F fulfilled all the shopping requirements. The tired parents requested a sit-down & tea, so found a Baker's Square where we proceeded to have lemon merangue pie [mother] and apple pie a la mode [everyone else. Bro & I shared; father had one all to himself!!].

Dropped everyone off at the hotel, returned to SIL's; ended up picking bro back up and having pizza dinner at SIL's. Also booked/paid boat trip for the next day online. Then dropped bro back at hotel, and Kosh&I headed back into Chicago, back to the apartment. The cat had been alone for essentially three nights - we *had* to go back and make sure she wasn't spazzing and/or leaving us presents all over the apartment!

T plus Two
Crappy weather greeted us. Drove all the way to the hotel to pick up parents; then all five squeezed into the car and drove back into Chicago, to Navy Pier, and hung around waiting for the boat tour to start.

I knew that the weather was going to be crappy - just *how* crappy was the question. So we decided to just do the Chicago Skyline Tour [30 mins] where the boat goes out into the lake, rather than the Architectural Tour where the boat would also head into the river and you get a better look at the buildings and get a bit more of a history and [what else] architecture lesson.

And how crappy *was* it?

Compare that with the pix KApgar took about a week earlier!

Had some chezborger chezborger chezborger; no fries, chips; no coke, pepsi at the Billy Goat at Navy Pier itself.

Next on agenda: getting parents to their new hotel where they would stay for another 3 nights. It's on South Michigan Avenue, not far from Navy Pier. But we managed to find ourselves on *lower* michigan avenue or something - took us *quite* a while to emerge back into daylight *and* somewhere we could head back east without going back under! What an experience! But we get there. Get them checked in.

Then leave them in order to drive my brother to ORD.

Yup, it was quite the packed schedule!

Got brother to the airport with plenty of time to spare [my extra-extra buffers hadn't gotten used!], but dumped him there anyway. He later text messaged me saying ORD's Terminal 5 was probably one of the most boringest places he'd been. Poor thing!

So Kosh and I *finally* had some time to ourselves... so did we do anything special? I really can't recall! I think we both just needed vegetation time, so it was probably cuddling in front of tv for us that evening.

T plus Three
Kosh at work, and on call, urgh.
Parents out of my hair for the day - they took an all-day tour of the city [still crappy weather, btw].

T plus Four
Weather still crappy. Pick parents up around 1pm. Lunch. They visit apartment. Bored. Weather clears up a bit, so take them for a walk to a nearby supermarket for some basic shopping, just for the sake of doing something. Back to apartment. Bored. Watch mindless tv. Kohs is very very late leaving work. Maybe that will drive it home to them how we just can't plan much around his schedule. He finally gets home, hang out for a little while, then head to a nearby Mexican place for a light dinner. Drive them back to hotel.

T plus Five
Weather slightly better, but still crappy. Pick checked-out parents up around 1215n, and drive them to ORD, stopping by the Oasis for them to have a light lunch. Drop them off around 2pm. The event is now o.v.e.r., thank gawd!

T plus Six
Weather totally turns around - bright, warm & sunny. Whoohooo! Even Chicago is celebrating! LOL!

T plus ... [omg it's been about two weeks already??!]
  • Finally got hold of some Thank You cards, but not written let alone sent them out yet.
  • Finally got somewhere with my scrapbook-like wedding announcement - almost ready for distribution via email.
  • Finally finish the "event narration" for the blog, so regular blogging can continue, whoohoooo! And all just in time for... the fasting month! That starts Saturday or Sunday, depending on moon sightings and such.

And on that note? Narration o.v.e.r! Back to regular programming in the next post!



  1. TQ for the anniversary wish.....and just look at how time flies, you've been Mrs Naranek for about 2 weeks already. Before you even'll be your 1st anniversary!....errr....with a jr with you....hehehe!

    About me hubby & fraser's "town"...when we reached the top, he saw the sign "PUSAT BANDAR" but we didn't proceed to town as we had to take the other route to the i guess u boleh bayangkan muka Nan when we actually pergi ke "PUSAT BANDAR" for lunch...hehehe! He said...ini je bandar dia???...then silence.....hahaha! U ketawa sorang2 reading it, i pun ketawa sorang2 while writing it.....

    Anyways, enjoyed reading your T series. A simple wedding but yet soooo many things to be sorted out.


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