Friday, September 22, 2006

long overdue...

Kosh and I are waaaaaay too much alike when it comes to procrastination... but here you go... the fruit of my labours of the past few daze days:

The (pseudo) (scrapbook-like) Wedding Announcement!!

please forgive the green ovals
I *am* still clinging to some anonymity, after all!

Some of you may soon be receiving a slightly different image,
*with* real names and *without* green ovals,
and some even with the actual wedding date, LOL!
So keep an eye out in your e-mail inbox, k?
[update: this applies only to people i know-know]

Scrapbook Credits:

And I might as well put all those Wedding-related posts in one place:


  1. Wait until the boxes for our gifts come in with enough "green oval" holes cut in them that the gift has actually fallen out. That'll learn ya.

  2. I miss my anonymity. I wish I could get it back.


  3. It sounds like there is a very fine line between nerd and geek.

  4. tq for the viewing of yr wedding pics.

    But babe, i screwed up my blog spot and now switched to this add -
    .....tangkap nangis.....

  5. babeeeeeeee....sedih laa....lost everything...tapi tak pe lah...baru 2-3 blog entries.

    sori am back to using:

    have to start all over again.....


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