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... yet *more* cat tales!

So like 5 minutes ago, i hear this yowl somewhere in the apartment while I'm otherwise occupied. Yes, a yowl. Followed by the sweet sweet sounds of the cough/hack that preceeds a cat puke session. Fun.

I find the cat in time to see her eject bubbly white liquid onto one of the placemats-turned-mini-rugs in the kitchen.


She slinks off into the living room, then proceeds to hack and cough again, this time ejecting just a wee bit of that bubbly onto *another* placemat-turned-mini-rug, this one serving as a placemat for her water bowl.


Now, the of the excellent things about having uncarpeted, wood floors is that it's oh so easy to clean up her messes. No carpet to stain! Just wipe up the stuff, and wipe down the floor!

But today she chose to eject whatever she felt needed to be ejected... onto the few areas of the floor that actually *have* some sort of fabric/covering.

Niiiiiiiiiice kitty.

But you know what? This is nothing! Yesterday, now THAT takes the cake!

Yesterday was pretty much vegetate and cuddly day, with Kosh and I rewatching some movies and Futurama DVDs. So maybe the sound was kinda loud, or we were just too interested in what was onscreen that we didn't hear anything out of the ordinary.


I was going through some stuff in a box, and had placed that box on the bed, and was taking stuff out, going through them, etc etc etc, when my fingertips brushed against something gritty on the bedspread. I turned my attention away from the box contents and to the bedspread.

And what did I find?

Kitty's puke.

A nice & big pretty much dried up puke spot.

On the bed.

CORRECTION: on MY side of the bed!! GgggGGggrrRRrRrRRrrrrRRrRR!!

It gets better: So Kosh cleaned the puke off of the bedspread. Checked under it: of course the liquid part of the puke had obeyed gravity and Murphy's Law, staining through not only to the bottom of the bedspread, but also the blanket. And the sheet. And the mattress pad.

Surprisingly, there was no sign of puke stains on the mattress itself!

So, we treated them stains with some stain stick thingy, and bundled bedspread, sheets and mattress pad into the washer downstairs.

A quick check before throwing them into the dryer later showed that the stains were gone, whoohooo!!

But - when we were done with the dryer.... the comforter was dry, the sheets were still mostly wet, and ... the matress pad? That was fried. As in bubbly melted and hard in certain places.

Turns out the washing instructions specified that it should be "dried" without heat. Neither of us had thought to check the instructions beforehand.

So... ruined mattress pad.


Oh, and our spare mattress pad? Just the previous day, we'd installed it on the futon, under the sheet we'd set up on it. Neither of us were going to undo *that* hard work in order to re-install it on the mattress in the bedroom.

What great timing!

So in the end, we officiated the futon in its sleeping capacity (as opposed to its couch capacity) last night. We'll go hunt for a new mattress pad tomorrow. And probably take the cat to the vet again, just to see if anything's wrong with her. *sigh*

And in the meantime? The bedroom door stays shut.

And I need to keep an eye and ear open for more hacking and coughing.

If she even THINKS about puking on the futon... watch out kitty!!


So, how's YOUR Monday coming along??


  1. Hmm, not as exciting as yours, i am afraid. I was on call, so I logged into the office from home to check if the morning jobs were running ok. Andrew, the colleague, had taken the day off, and he usually got in early to run those jobs, but it was the guys in Asia who were supposed to run it (dont you just love globilisation?). Well, there were some problems. So i was stuck in front of the PC until about 10:30, then showered and rushed to work. Then, had to follow up on the problems, plus do the usual other jobs that Andrew would usually do... It was just great. Not.
    Today was a bit better. :-)

  2. Yuck! I used to really hate cleaning up cat barf, but after I worked at the cat sanctuary in Rome for so long, I got used to it - I heard the hacking and came running with my paper towels and cleaner.

    I wonder if there is a diet cats can be on that does not make them barf as much. Our cat rarely eats grass and rarely barfs. All he eats is dry cat food - no human food, no wet food, nada. Hmm...


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