Saturday, October 14, 2006

Warning! Major time waster ahead! [plus some pix]

Don't say I didn't warn youuuuuuuuu!

You know those emails you get with a bunch of humourous photos - some "real", many photoshopped, and most of them really quite funny? But if you were to keep each and every one of them, you'd better be good at cataloging them as soon as you save 'em, otherwise, well, they'll just get lost in the black hole that is your "funny pix" folder?

Well, you can now just browse thru over EIGHT HUNDRED (yes, you read right) of such pix, courtesy of Al Lowe and his Random Sight Gag site. Okay so they're not catalogued either, but hey, it's not your hard drive that's cluttered now, eh?

Anyways, after having spent WAAAAAAY too much time clicking through them all, I think there's no need to send me anymore "funny pix" unless they are not among the 800+ on this site, k?


... ... ...

So, while going through those 800 ... Who has NOT come across this bit of a mind-screwer before? I know I certainly failed this the first time I tried to "say the colors" and not the words.

But guess what?

This time around, it didn't take much effort for me to be able meet the challenge!

I feel good about it - I choose to think it's an indication of self-mastery on my part :-)

... ... ...

And, since it's October and squash / pumpkin time and all....

... ... ...

That's enough for now. More pix later.



  1. eeee... tergagap gagap i with the colour heheeee

  2. They do that "mind screwer" of yours on a game called Brain Age for the Nintendo DS. Except you are supposed to speak the names of the colors into the handheld game. I find myself turning it upside down so I can't immediately read the word but the color will instead register first.


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