Friday, December 26, 2008

humped and tongued on Christmas!

Things that happened to me on Christmas:

1. Got humped by a dog. This was at a yoga pal's house, it was their pet. At first I thought Wolfie was really excitedly sniffing at me because he smelled evidence of the psycho kitty,, but then he "hugged" my arm... and when I pushed him off and stood up, he proceeded to "hug" my thigh. Thankfully the critter was a small breed, because at least I could push him away pretty easily. But ugh. I guess *those* jeans go straight into the laundry basket! Didn't have the opportunity to ask his owners if this was a common behaviour of his, or if I was his type :p

2. Bit my tongue. Hard. What distracted me, I don't know. But this is a reason I rarely chew gum - when I did, the insides of my cheeks were a mess because I'd keep accidentally biting them! Getting the tongue is a less common occurrence, but hey, it happened. And right now I feel as if I should be talking with a major lisp, because, gah, that one side of the tongue is certainly bigger than usual!

Okay, only those two things to whine about from yesterday.

I wonder what today brings...

3. In the meantime, here's a GREAT thing that happened yesterday: someone mentioned that there was an Indian version of "12 Days of Christmas". I heart the internets. Found it easily. And proceeded to laugh and laugh and laugh... How can you not, when it starts off:
On the first day of Christmas
my true love gave to me
a totally insufficient dowry

Click on "play" and prepare to be amused:

[the only thing that falls flat to me is the "five Indian games" ... what's that about, how's that funny, can someone explain?]

So it seems the song is by an Indian boyband called boymongoose. And hey, they have another Christmas parody song out, called Single Girls (to the tune of Jingle Bells, in case it's not obvious). Part of the refrain goes
Single girls, single girls,
I'm only 5 ft 2
but on the internet I can be just as tall as you


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  1. Hmmm, humped biting. I'd say that's a pretty successful Christmas!

  2. I can sympathize on the tongue biting. :(
    Being a gum addict I end up biting my tongue onerous times. You would think that one could get used to after awhile- not so!

    Thanks for posting those videos! ;) The first one was my favorite of the entire holiday.


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