Tuesday, December 16, 2008

does your car freeze on the inside?

Okay so technically winter doesn't start till 22nd December.

But if it's not yet winter, explain why it's been snowing steadily all day today?

If it's not yet winter, explain why it was so cold yesterday that ice formed on the inside of the car?

Yeah, this is the picture I snapped yesterday while waiting for the poor car to warm up in the sub-zero (Celcius) temperature. All that "fog" is ice, on the inside.

The lines you see were made by me trying in vain to use the ice scrapers: they didn't do diddly.

So, ummm, does your car get ice on the inside too?

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  1. When I was in Germany, I had a VW, and it did not have a heater. The only thing I could do to keep it from freezing inside was not breathe. So I scraped while I drove. Here in North Carolina, it's not so much of a problem. And I got here thru entrecard.

  2. Several years ago, my ex and I had a Ford Escort. It would freeze on the inside. No matter how much you ran the defroster it would just keeping fogging up and freezing. We bought the car in the summer and we didn't keep it through the winter. Not only was the glass frosting up but we would freeze, especially our feet.


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