Friday, May 26, 2006

oh boy did it rain yesterday!

I may be converting to this template. (thanx to Ummi!)
Would be nice to tweak it so that the sidebar is on the left, not right.
I'm clueless about stuff like that. :p

Other news:

Yesterday was a relatively productive day:
  • I was supposed to have lunch with someone... but she cancelled on me well in
    advance, yay for advance notice! ... but I had already planned to run errands in the KLCC area so I went ahead and hopped on the train to get there, and sms'ed Als to see if she was free/available
  • Post Office to courier something related to all that paperwork & hoops
  • Went to one bank to withdraw a whole bunch of $$ (in the form of a cheque lah, no worries)
  • Went to another bank to deposit the cheque into my savings, which is
    connected to my credit card, which is where my life insurance (and
    telephone) is charged. I figured while I remember I'd might as well
    "top up" the account so that it's good for another 2 years or so :-)
  • Then went to yet ANOTHER bank, this time to pick up my ATM card (it
    took them TWO MONTHS to get it ready, grrrrr! I've been exchanging USD
    and Swiss francs into Malaysian Ringgit for the past 2 months :p I
    *could* have gotten cash in other ways lah, but hey, it seemed easier to
    do the exchange thing :p )
  • By that time it was nearing lunchtime, and yes, Als was up for a lunch meet, yahooo! We ended up at our old haunt - Coffee Bean maaaaaah!
  • Then met up with mom and went to Aquaria: a Sea World type place, on a
    MUCH smaller scale, at the KL Convention Center (next to Suria KLCC the mall
    where the petronas twin towers are). Spent about an hour there. I
    really liked being in the "tunnel" with the fish and sharks swimming
    overhead: my FAVE though was having this HUGE sting ray swim
    overhead... kinda like how i'd imagine having a UFO hover above me :p
  • Accompanied mother as she had something to eat, then I went back via
    LRT while she went for some opening of some exhibition at the petronas
    art gallery
  • It started to rain. and i mean R.A.I.N.!! So there was no way I
    could do the 20min walk from the station to the apartment. So i decided
    to go to the NEXt station, from which I could take a bus that stopped by
    the apartment. Took a while to arrive, but nvm, it finally got there, I
    hopped in, and ... the rain got heavier and heavier... somehow water was
    coming INTO the bus from a crack in the floor... geeeezzz!
    finally got to my stop... hopped out... and even tho it's a 30sec walk
    from the stop to "shelter" within the apartment building... it was
    30secs in FRIGGIN HEAVY RAIN that had me soaked instantaneously!
  • Headed up, got outta the clothes, couldn't "wash the rain
    outta my hair" cos it was lightning-ing, so i just changed into dry
    clothes, read / relaxed... and ended up not showering before bed...
... woke up with a tickle in the sinuses, and a slight headache, bleeaaaaahhhh I do hope I'm not coming down with something as a result of the soakage and non-shower!

... anyways... time to head off to my weekly massage aka torture session :-)


Have a good weekend y'all!

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