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More Scenes of Malaysia...

Remember that day I went on a wild goose chase for my birth certificate translation?

I took pictures!!

I was reminded of Patrick Teoh's hypothesis that having A4-paper signs/announcements is one of the sure-fire ways to know if you're in a government-related place. Sure enough.. this scene is from the National Registration Department at PJ NewTown.

If I recall correctly, the smaller notice, the one above the array of switches, to the right of the fusebox or whatever, is something that advises customers to make sure receipts are issued for any payments made.

Yeaaaah... and you just kinda sneak that very important piece of advice where?

On that little slip of paper, on the wall, which you probably won't see at all.


Moving on....
At the same office: I was sitting minding my own business, waiting for my number to be called, when out of the corner of my eye, i saw something white fluttering around.

No lah, not a ghost lah...

Just that this Ah Pek (errr, is that racist/derogatory?) had this document in his hand... you know, the type that has this extra "edged" on each side, for the paper to be fed up through the printer?

The one where you usually tear off the unneeded sides?

yeah, he did just that.

... while standing in line

... ... and simply let the paper fall down to the floor.

Tak kisah langsung about littering the place.

And me, I pun tak tegur... why? dont want to malukan him lah konon, and in case he makes a fuss about it, I don't want to malukan diri sendiri... sigh... not good not good... very poor excuses Lynne... Nvm, for this I also lah be typical Malaysian - can complain but tak berani to do anything "real"?

Well, I pick my battles lah. If not, letih woooooh! :p

aaaaaaanywas... moving on...

After that was the trip to Maju Junction followed by the trek to the courthouse. On the way back, I stopped at Insaf for a late breakfast. Air-cond wooooh, I really could do with some coolness after that hike!

But: I wondered if I was going to be able to actually EAT or DRINK anything!


Because of this sign lah!

Usually it says "no outside food" right??

But to my relief, I was able to order, and recieve, and consume, my roti telur and teh tarik without any problems.



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