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A REAL example of "Malaysia Boleh"

From today's The Star:

Jasin MP admits that firm in Customs timber saga is his

KUALA LUMPUR: Jasin MP Datuk Mohd Said Yusof has admitted that he is the sole proprietor of a company involved in a recent case where the Malacca Customs was asked to “close one eye” over an illegal import of sawn timber from Indonesia.

He said he had apologised to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi over the matter ... “I met him, I shook hands with him and said 'I minta maaf kalau I buat salah',” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby yesterday...
Translation of his "apology": I apologise if I've done wrong.

That is not an apology!

Does this guy truly believe there's nothing wrong in using your position as an MP to "facilitate" a hitch in customs for a company WHICH YOU OWN?

Can you say Abuse of Power? Conflict of Interest??

“I’m allowed to do business. Why can’t MPs do business?”
Doing business is one thing. Abusing your power, taking advantage of your position to further your own personal agenda is another thing. You are betraying the amanah of the people who voted you into that position.

Sure, you're not the sole corrupt politician out there.

But are you the dumbest? Do you truly believe you've done nothing wrong? Or is this the stance you think is the best defense strategy?

Mohd Said claimed he had received complaints from timber traders, forwarding agents and jetty operators that their business had dropped by 70%, following strict Customs action on the import of sawn timber logs in January.
Gee, maybe because 70% of the sawn timber logs import business was ILLEGAL?

Yay to Customs for (finally??!!) cracking down on this. Hopefully it won't be a hothotchickenshit situation lah, ya?

Asked whether he was prepared to face any punishment, he said the Umno Supreme Council had decided that there was no case.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said if there was a report against Mohd Said, it would be up to the authorities to report him to the police or the Anti-Corruption Agency, not the parliamentary rights and privileges committee.
Ya lah.. like I said, he's not the sole corrupt politician around. Everyone else doesn't want this to get dug into any more than it already has... can we say opening a can of worms???

I couldn't be bothered to follow up on this anymore...

Nothing "real" is going to come out of this.

Malaysia Boleh, all right.

(UPDATE:11pm i see Patrick Teoh also covered the same topic. Drop by and say hi, ya? Other blog opinions can be found here)


  1. ..hehee.....ever heard of these...." u bagilah i sikit imbuhan untuk i proceed with your company untuk buat project ni"
    " Bole bole berapa u mau..anything..can one"
    " Sikit saja , i nak bawak family i pegi Mekah"
    :-DDD LOL

  2. No, that does not surprise me at all... Politicians are liars and cheats but Malaysian UMNO politicians are in a whole playing field of their own.
    They nedn't worry about getting caught either as their party controls the police, the ACA and the judiciary. They are all as rotten as the other so they'll just cover for each other.
    There is no light at the end of the Malaysian tunnel, not with this type of people "leading"...

  3. Hi lynn. Just dropped in to say HI! Urbana, IL wah you're a long way away from all this shit. Lucky you.

  4. neome> urgh, no i suppose i'm lucky to not have come across those specific "terms" personally... but yeah, i've heard about them... they occurr all too often, don't they?

    malapetaka> it's really disheartening, isn't it? :(

    Patrick> whoohooo thanx for stopping by! actually i'm in KL at the moment, urgh, i need to update my profile, thanx for the inadvertant (sp?) reminder :-)


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