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... i found ONE reason!

... one reason to NOT have my phone on silent:
if i accidentally forget it somewhere, oh let's say on the passenger seat of my mom's car, it *would* help if it actually RANG when i called the phone, so she'd notice it was there, eh?
I *so* almost gave myself a heart attack yesterday.

I'd hopped out to run a few errands using my mom's car in the morning. Sometime during the drive back, I musta taken my phone out to check for messages, and put it on the seat instead of back into the bag. Parking the basement, I musta just not seen the phone, leaving it on the seat as I exited the car and went back upstairs (locking the car, of course!).

Fun thing is, my mom then had the car for the rest of the day!

And there I was, not noticing anything was missing until maybe 5pm - and the panic started: emptied the bag; checked the bathroom; went over the entire room - nothing!! Did my bag get picked while I was having my roti telur at the NewTown mamak? Did i forget it at the bank? When was the last time I held the darned thing??? Arrrggghhhh!!

I called the number - of course, no reply - it's on silent! :-(

Good thing the house phone has some phone numbers programmed, cos I sure do not remember my parents' numbers!

Managed to get a hold of my mom, who was then horrified to realise that she hadn't noticed the phone on the seat - it had been in plain view, in the Bangsar Shopping Village parking lot, for over 2 hours!

Damn lucky the car wasn't broken into, eh?

Only got the phone back at around 830pm.

Good thing the tentative Ladies Night outing was for EITHER monday or wednesday! :p

1. in the era where i didn't have a bag, i'd usually walk around with my phone in hand. so a visit to the loo would require me to set the phone down somewhere - usually on the cistern. One day, i walked out leaving the phone there! I realised it about 3 minutes later - RAN back to the loo - thank goodness it was still there!! either it was a crummy model that noone wanted, or I just had the luck of realising it just before anyone noticed it! P. H. E. W.!

2. this one makes me soooooo geram, cos it wasn't my fault! Me, my housemate and her sister were at the Studio 5 stalls in Ampang Jaya. I went to wash my hands after the meal, leaving my phone with theirs - a nice pile of three phones on the table. For some reason they were impatient to leave: I was surprised when they met me at the sink, and we got into the car and headed back. Silly me, I assumed they'd have taken my phone along with theirs. N. O. P. E.! It was maybe half an hour later that I realised noone was holding my phone. Tried to call the phone, see if anyone picked it up.. instead, someone musta heard it and hit "end" cos it got cut off. SH*T! Tried calling again - straight into voicemail: it had been turned off. FRIGGIN SH*T!! I was so mad! Wheeled the car around, headed back to Studio 5, to my relief caught sight of Uncle Parwiz (owner of Studio 5: related distantly by marriage), asked if he knew of any recetly-forgotten phones - one of his staff came up like 3 minutes later with it. P. H. E. W.! All's well that ends well? Not really.... This housemate of mine was always on my case for "not sharing" or "not trusting" people with my stuff: and yet when this happened it was "my fault" for "leaving my phone behind". Yeah, riiiiiiiight. Harrrummph! Shoulda parted ways with that b*tch sooner rather than later. But I suppose better late than never?

I'm sure I'll share some tales about that,,, sometime, somewhen...

in the meantime... i should be hitting the hay - almost midnight.



  1. Gee..u one lucky my lifetime i lost 4 phones. first at a mamak stall left it on table for 8 seconds and it vanish, then the house got broken into,then left it at a cyber cafe, came back to look for it, vanish and just recently at a bus stop , phone is in a my paper bag sitting beside me, very confident i put back in the bag after making calls and came back home, vanish, suspecting the guy standing beside me..

  2. Don't test your luck too far!

    Put it inside your trousers or have a habit checking it each time you depart a place.

  3. neome> wow that's a lot of losses!

    maverick> LMAO i swear i thought of "something else" the way you phrased that "put it in your trousers" LMAO!!

  4. A thousand times I have lost my phone - and panicked each time. Must be part of the phone of having a phone!

  5. You're lucky no one noticed the phone lying on the passengr seat.


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