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Why I usually keep my phone on silent mode

Alt title: A rude awakening, part deux.

The phone rings.

    F**k, I forgot to turn it back to silent last night.

I stumble out of bed, heading toward the sound.

I look at the number - not familiar.

But hey, it's SIX FIFTY IN THE MORNING maybe it's important?
    Me (in heavily sleepy voice): Hullo?

    Caller: Who's this?
Okay, THAT's already a no-no... YOU are calling ME (at 650am pulak tu!) and YOU are asking ME who EYE am? I don't care how nicely you ask, you need to identify YOURSELF first, you b*tch!
    Me (already more awake, definitely more annoyed, STILL croaky-sleep voiced): Who are YOU?

    Caller: Oh, this isn't *asdf*?
You know, so what if that actually *is* my "first name"? For one thing, I don't go by that name - if you know me, you know that. And for the record, I still don't know who the f*ck YOU are! No way I am I saying "Yes, I'm *asdf*" to a f***ing inconsiderate stranger who may just be dialing a wrong number anyway: If you really want to talk to ME, what's my middle name, the one I go by, you b*tch? (Amazing how fast these thoughts can go through your head, even at 650am!)
    Me: *asdf* who?

    Caller: Never mind. *click* hangs up.

You know, I have a few friends - who are slaves to the phone but won't acknowledge it - who just can't understand why my phone is on silent all the time, and actually take it personally when they can't get a hold of me when they call. Yes, they get mad at me. Sheeeeesh!

    It's *my* phone, *my* time, *my* life...
    aku punya hal lah how I choose to use my phone!

If it's important, and you couldn't get hold of me the first time, you'd call me again right? If by the time I do check my phone you've called like 5 times or something I know something's up lah right? Trust me to do the logical/rational thing of calling you back lah. And excuse the f**k out of me if I choose not to be at your beck and call. You know, just because I'm a jobless bum doesn't mean I'm desperately wanting to talk to you to alleviate my boredom, nor does it make me obligated to layan every incoming call.

And if you think I'm avoiding you, well, maybe you're right. Or maybe you're just paranoid. Either way, CHILL OUT!!!!!


And on a related note:
Once I leave Malaysia for the U.S. again, I will be cutting off my mobile #.

Maxis is getting ridiculouser and ridiculouser.

I found out only recently that for some weird reason, I didn't have voice mail anymore. And when I called, the Customer Service Representative (CSR) had the gall to say "I don't see any record of you ever having had that service" padahal I've had it since Day One of being a Maxis subscriber.
  • And she promises it will be fixed within 2 hours.

  • Of course, Maxis being Maxis, and Malaysia being Malaysia, I needed to call back 24 hours later and complain *again* before it actually got fixed.

  • ... and I promptly recorded a message telling people my phone's probably on silent, text me instead, LOL!

This just adds to the pile of grouses I have about this mobile phone provider.

A pile that includes my annoyance at finding out that I'm no longer getting RM10 off my bill for having my bills automatically charged to my credit card. Thanx for informing me about that, you bloodsuckers. I had to see it (or rather, NOT see it) on my bill to figure it out.

And talking about bloodsuckers, I lost RM138 to them, I have every right to hold a grudge! How did I lose RM138 to them, you ask?
    Okay, if you are a CSR and a customer says she wants to switch from the 138 to the 75 plan, and expresses concern about not losing the RM138 "rollover"...

    ... it's not enough to say "Don't worry, the RM138 will still be there"...

    You MUST ALSO state "But it will only be there for 3 months, so please make sure you use it up by then."

    Because THIS customer wasn't in any position to use up that value of calls till 4 months later. And got a nasty surprise when that month's phone bill came, since the additional calls were NOT absorbed by the rollover. Because the rollover was missing.

    And this customer couldn't do one damn thing about it.

    And Maxis got RM138 FOR FREE.

Okay, enough ranting.

Key "take-aways" for this post:
  • A silent phone awakens no-one
  • "asdf" is NOT my first name
  • Maxis sucks
The end.


  1. Whew, I'm glad your name isn't Asdf; I wouldn't have the slightest clue how to pronounce it.

    I'm with you on the Silent Phone thing. First of all, I NEVER answer my home phone without screening it through the answering machine. All my friends and family know if you want to talk to me, you'd better start talking to the machine.

    My cell phone is always on silent.


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