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Close encounters of the ID10T kind

To the motorcyclist who looked at me like I was a crazy nut last week:

As usual, I put on my turn signal to indicate I was going to turn in to that clump of petrol stations there at Jalan Universiti, and also, as usual, I checked my side view mirror to make sure all was clear.

That’s when I saw you, Mr Motorcyclist.

And it certainly didn’t seem like you saw me, or knew I was going to be turning in a few seconds, from the way you were accelerating towards me from behind, hugging the side of the road, typical Malaysian motorcyclist style.

Practicing prevention, I tapped my brake pedal so that the brake lights would flash, perhaps making you see that “Hellllllooooooo I’m turning and you’re going to ram right into me if you don’t realize I’m turning!”

No change in your speed!

I honked my horn to again try to “inform” you, still merrily speeding along, that I was indeed turning! By that time I had slowed to a crawl, and was at the turning already.

And you were still coming!!

So what did I do?

I friggin STOPPED at the turning to make sure I wasn’t gonna hit you as you went straight while I turned into the clump of petrol stations.

And. you. turned. into. the clump. of petrol stations.

No friggin turn signal. No friggin indication at all.

And best of all: you had the audacity to look at me, while you took the turn, like I was some crazy nut.

  • I, who actually wanted to make sure that you were safe.
  • I, who actually wanted to prevent you, on your dinky kapchai motorcycle, from an encounter with a nice solid Kia Sportage.

So: A crazy nut? Me?
    In other aspects unrelated to this case, perhaps.

    But in this case, Mr Motorcyclist, this crazy nut was looking out for YOUR safety.

    How’s that for a concept?

Maybe you should try it sometime.


  1. *sigh*
    What to do? Be it drivers or motorcyclists, most malaysians just don't understand the meaning of courtesy or give a damn about others. Is it the upbringing? The environement? This is also a BIG chip on my shoulder.
    What's more, most of those kap chai riders think that they are protected by Allah, Buddha, Siva or whatever relegion it is that they subscribe to, so they continue riding like they have a death-wish.
    What can we "normal" people do? Just like you said... Be extra careful not to kill one of those idiots by accident.
    Malaysia an "advanced" country? Still a looooong way to go I'm afraid.
    Malapetaka betul.

  2. Yeah I can understand what you mean. Some of these bikers have tried to commit suicide under my car's wheels - coming in from the wrong side, turning suddenly without signals, trying to beat the red light etc. but fortunately I saved them all. And for thanks.. some of them actually gave me the middle finger.

  3. If I had my ways, I would completely ban motocycles from our roads. The majority of motorcyclists don't obey the traffic rules (which are there to protect them) and they are a persistent danger to other road users.

    Sad to say but it merely reflects their lack of discipline, lack of respect for the law, complete disregard for the safety of themselves (let alone others) and to put it bluntly... they are complete idiots.

    MS ex-PBU

  4. It's the same situation here. Funny but sometimes these idiots don't realize that their motorcycles are no match against cars. And they seem to think that they have more right of way on the roads than other drivers...

  5. one actually did get my car. or my car actually got one. signal, turning, and It was like, 'i don't care, i'll just carry on, maybe i'll just slip through' bastich.


  7. Hmmm, anything I say will include a lot of cussing and frustration... so let's avoid that. But I will say, at least you were paying attention!

  8. whoohooo! Loads of comments!!

    Malapetaka> yep, itàs amazing how its "always the driver's fault" even tho in reality, more often than not, it's the motorcyclists who are totally irresponsible on the road. Percieved protection frm their gods: LOL, i think that's quite true!

    Adam> LOL I like how you term it as saving them from committing suicide :)

    MS> hi there! long time to type!! yep... the vast majority of motorcyclists fall into that ID-10-T category all right...

    SG> It's an Asian thing, i suppose... after all, in the west, motorcycles are accorded the same status of cars: one parking spot for a bike even tho it can fit 5 bikes. Bikes take up the middle of the road, they do NOT go squeezing in between cars to get ahead. I can't imagine that sort of situation EVER on this side of the world...

    Yo> i think i'm one of the few who's NOT had an encounter with a motorcycle. yet. and if you've only had the *one* encounter - that's still pretty good, I think, seeing how they all seem to have this death wish...!

    Anonymous> yikes, pipe down, i can hear ya! :p ... btw, the motorcyclist "forgot to switch on his lights" or izzit, as is usually the case, the lights weren't working at all? i know iàve almost rammed into so many bikes that don't have working taillights. Mahal/leceh to replace the bulb, kononnya... what's that cost/bother compared to your life?! *sigh*

    kilax> LOL, no worries, and thanx for the encouragement :)


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