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me sour face today

So, last night, I was still online for a while after my previous post. Then it turned midnight, and the dial-up connection went cinderella on me. I was supposedly connected, but nothing was loading. Hung up and dialled again. and again. and again. and again. FINE! went zzzzzzzzzzz. *sigh*

This morning, tried to get online - still not able to. FINE! Damn TM Net! *sigh!*

Then, me being as hung up as I was about the phone, forgoed (forwent?) my morning exercise because I wanted to just get my phone looked at. Of course, I didn't know when the shop opened on Saturdays, hoped it would be at 9am,and went to went to AmCorp around 815am. Parked at their open air car park - deserted. Walked thru barely alive mall to the Sony Ericsson service center: the sign said they opened at TEN on saturdays. bummer. over 1.5hrs to wait. *sigh*

So I figured I might as well go get some breakfast. Walked to a mamak shop waaaaaay on the other side of the street,,, only to pass plenty of public parking, that would cost so little compared to the RM2 for 1st hour, RM1 for every additional hour fees I was going to have to pay at AmCorp. Try to remember that next time, okay Lynne?? *sigh*

Slip-slided alllll over the place - the floor was SO GREASY, damn these places should know to use SOAP/DETERGENT/WHATEVER when cleaning the floor, just wiping with water isn't going to get the grease off, y'know! *sigh*

Kakuro'd while eating "roti bakar": which was lightly toasted bread with a disgusting amount of margerine, and just a slight touch of kaya. Will I ever remember to order it with "kurang majerin, lebih kaya"? *sigh*

Back to AmCorp. The slight good news was they tested both my phone and charger, and declared it a charger problem. Replacement: RM30. Well, better than it being a phone problem requiring me to be phoneless for the day/weekend PLUS risk losing all my data. So, fine lah... fork out RM30.... Add the parking charge of RM3 (managed to get outta there before 10:15!! whoohooo!), plus breakfast of RM2, that's RM35 that I wasn't planning on spending at all if you'd asked me last night. *sigh*

And since I knew I wouldn't be able to get to the 'net from the apartment, figured might as well get online from Beanie. I *had* brought the laptop with me, after all. Attempted to go to the PJ Hilton one. Went round and round and round, no parking. FINE. Tried Section 14 instead. Went round and round and round and wahoooo found one! Fed meter till 1pm.

Figured might as well get some photos done for the hoops i need to jump thru.
  • One government department requires 2 50cm x 50cm pictures.
  • Another government department requires 2 40cm x 55cm pictures.
  • I know these photo places sell them by 4's, and quite expensively too!
  • I also know they usually print them all out in one sheet, then cut them to the required size.
  • I figured I could get them to print out the 4 pix, and cut them to two different sizes.

I figured wrong:
    Me: (after having had the picture taken) Here's the sizes I need. 2 50x50, 2 40x55.

    Jerk: We only sell by 4's.

    Me: Don't you guys print the pix on one sheet and cut accordingly? Surely you can just cut it to two different sizes.

    Jerk: No, cannot. If you want, you need to get 2 sets of four.

    Me: That's ridiculous. I've observed most shops print and cut to size, surely what I'm asking isn't difficult.

    Jerk: You observe only, you don't know. Ah, you come and do lah (gesturing to me to sit at the puter and play with whatever program was open right there)

    Me: (totally put-off by that attitude) Okay, never mind.

I walked out.

Only when out of the building I realised I should have had them delete my photo they took (and empty recycle bin!).. if the jerk is even MORE of a jerk than he showed, he could very well do something with it - photoshop it to some nude body or something. Well, if i *do* stumble across anything like that, I know where to go to sue someone's pants off! :p

Found another photo shop, and, since I do learn from mistakes, asked upfront whether they could do what I wanted. She said no, but also immediately supplied a reason: the proportions would be wrong or something. Didn't quite get it, but at least I got a reason lah. The funny thing: she recommended I go to the jerk's shop instead. Har har har.

I'm not ready to fork out RM48 (RM24 x 2) for photos I don't need. The passport-sized photos business is such a friggin ripoff! :( Maybe the place in KLCC can offer more flexibility? I wish things like the SIZE of passport-sized photos could actually be CONSISTENT everywhere!!! *sigh*

By that time, my mood was quite sour already, and was really not in the mood for anything, but heck I'd paid for parking till 1pm, might as well fully utilise it. So even tho I don't even have the taste for it, got myself my ice vanilla latte regular skim milk, and am the Beanie looking at Jaya @ Sect 14.

When paying, the guy behind the counter looked at my name on the credit card, and asked "Malay?". You know, usually, I just give a wry smile and say "mixed" and silently forgive the small-mindedness, but this time, I just glared at him and said "MalaySIAN". He wouldn't let it rest! I was collecting my drink, and he said "Little bit Malay?" I just ignored him. WHat the fuck is so important whether I'm "Malay" or not???!!! So *not* in the mood to put up with people who just can't see beyond racial classifications. I'm a Malaysian. That's all that *should* be important. Break free, dude, open your mind! *sigh*


Oh, and parents coming back today. (They've been in Bali since Tuesday)

Double bleh.


  1. It's time to get a streamyx line. it cost you only $20 for 10 hours. Maybe, go for the $40 which is 60 hours.

    cut cost somewhere and get a broadband. Its worth it.

  2. i'd agree with you, except that I'm hoping that I won't be in KL for longer than anouther few months... and streamyx would then be totally wasted on my parents! S'ok, I'll deal with it ... gives me the excuse to go Beanie-ing anyways :-) a reminder of my "past" *grin!*

  3. I see your weekend was getting to be a such a blast. Keep cool, lynne... :-)


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