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a self-tag :D

Snitched this from Dawn :D

How did you get the idea for your profile name? The "azlynne1972" part was so that my ex-colleagues had a better chance of remembering the address, cos I allocated the corresponding Yahoo!Mail ID for them too. The "Jobless Bum & lovin' it" was of course part of that whole "I've quit! Good riddance to bad rubbish!" feeling of relief.

What song are you playing now, or wish you were playing?... can't seem to play my CD on the puter right now, grrr! Otherwise I'd be listening to The Rasmus' Dead Letters album. My fave songs are #4 & 5.

Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry? Gotta agree with Dawn on this one - definitely Diana.

What colour underwear are you wearing? not gonna peek, but probably black :D

Do you want a baby? sure. one thing at a time tho. paperwork. marriage. then a year or so later can start trying, maybe? :D

What does your dad do for a living? retired from job in the energy sector many years ago. now earns his living on the golf course, har har har.

What does your mum do for a living? not working no more. keeps busy attending all sorts of cultural activities.

What is/are your pet's name(s)? via Kosh, there's Cammy the crazy kitty.

What colour are your bed sheets? bottom = striped black/white. cover sheet = some faded green thing. Yea, I don't bother to match 'em. I'd be better about it if I were on my own.

What are the last 3 digits of your phone number? On the landline, 737

What was the last concert you went to? MEAT LOAF! Last September.

Who was with you? Kosh *smile* good memories, beb!

What was the last film you watched? V for Vendetta - excellent movie! So excellent I just can't bring myself to type up a review. Just go see it. It's a wake-up call. Go see. Go. Go!!

Who do you dislike most at this moment? Ugh, noone I can think of.. I rarely "hate/dislike" people - I just turn indiffrent to them if they piss me off :D

What food do you crave right now? BBQ BEEF RIBS! Kosh had them last Friday, I'm so jealous!! And I haven't had anything "real" to eat all day, so I'm starving right now.. gonna go find some food right after posting this up!

Did you dream last night? Yea. I must be concerned about Rail's & my plan for next Wed/Thurs cos i essentially did a dry run in my dream - getting guest bed ready, making sure alarm was set for early next day wake-up and trip to Putrajaya... when I woke up I was a bit disoriented wondering if it was already next week, LOL!

What was the last TV show you watched? Can you believe I havent watched tv since I got back to Malaysia? It's just not something I do here. So I suppose the last I watched was that crazy Da Vinci's Inquest marathon - watching the 2weeks' worth of episodes in one night when I was leaving for the airport the next morning. Yes, I'd packed my pags by then lah :p

What is your fav piece of jewellery? My engagement ring, plus my wavy bracelet, both from Kosh :-)

What is to the left of you?My empty water bottle.

What was the last thing you ate?Two kaya buns. Very insubstantial, and pure carbs. Did I mention I'm starving? :p

Who is your best friend of the opposite sex? Definitely Kosh :-)

Who last MSN'd you? I'll change that to Yahoo!Messenger, and that would also be Kosh - we had our "chat date" my Saturday night, his Saturday morning.

Where is your significant other right now? Well it's just after 6am his time as I type this, so he's either in bed or just getting up to head to the hospital. Halfway across the world from me. *sniff!*

Do you have a crush? Not for a long long time... but i used to have these crushes so often on such a wide variety of people! Jon from CHIPS. Starbuck @ Battlestar Galactica. Morten Harket @ A-Ha. David Copperfield. His bodyguard Kyle. The Italian guy in my class when I was attending school in Switzerland one winter. The guy from St Johns who coached me on how to handle the mace thingy (I was Band Major in Form 5 mah!). The guy who attended my Bahasa Malaysia tution classes for a while because he was resitting his SPM BM paper. You get the idea?

What is his/her name? The last "crush" I can remember is of Amir Yusoff: yea, the half-Swiss Malaysian singer. He joined us for some pool in Hartamas once (he was a friend of a friend's friend's sister). He used "perfection" (sampoerna hijau, mMMMmmMMMMmMMMmmMMMM!). My partner at that time got so damn jealous, not believing that I wasn't going to act on my "crush", padahal it's just a crush lah, rileks beb... But yea, my having that crush wasn't a good sign anyway... A symptom of other things, a sign of the beginning of the end... also good riddance :D

When was the last time you had your hair cut? Hair on HEAD, right? *innocent grin!* Last November, I think. I suppose I could do with a trim soon. I am keeping it long on purpose tho, Kosh likes it teeheee *grin!*

Are you on any meds? Nope. Should I be? Maaaaayyyyyyyyybe, LOL!

Do you have a mental disease? Nope. Not as far as I know lah. *grin!*

What shirt are you wearing? Grey teeshirt with a small "ILLINOIS" in blue & orange over my left boob.

Are you sexy? Not in my opinion. Kosh thinks otherwise. Aren't I lucky? :)

What's your favourite store? I suppose I could answer Marks & Spencer's (St Michael's). Dunno why, I like to browse thru their selection at the KLCC store... of course their products here are overpriced lah.

Are you thirsty? No, but I drink anyway (if you actually *feel* thirsday that means you are actually already dehydrated - so I've read lah)

Can you imagine yourself ever getting married? Yea. Just not gonna "mark" it in any big way, or as expected by busy-body relatives :D

Who's someone you haven't seen in a while and miss? Kosh lah! This is gonna be the longest we've been apart since Oct 2004 :(

Where do you work? I don't. I'm a jobless bum & lovin' it, remember?

Anyone like this meme, go ahead and tag yourselves, k?


  1. "Hair on HEAD, right? *innocent grin!* "

    LOL. Niiiice answer!

  2. And more about azlynne.... Haha! :-)


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