Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sunday’s deep thoughts

What’s the normal cycle time for digestion?
    How long does it take, from the time u eat something to the time it leaves your body?

I’ve been pondering these question since last night, when I noticed some white seeds a-floatin’. Those are the seeds of the ladies fingers (okra). That I had for lunch on Friday afternoon. That’s obviously only coming out Saturday night/Sunday morning. That’s a 30hr cycle time.


Haha u aint read nothing yet!

Not only am I reporting a 30hr digestion cycle time, the digestive results are coming out, errrrr, loosely. :p

Wonder if that’s the effect of the second round of torture massage I had on Saturday early afternoon? My back got scraped again, but this time it felt really good (warm). She also walked all over me, and tortured my feet with an iron spoon. Pain!!! Of course, she said she was doing it quite softly/gently: I wonder if I’d able to enjoy the pain (yes, I actually like the pain!) if/when she ups the strength later… Lots of focus on my legs, where she says she’s helping get rid of the fat that’s accumulated there. We’ll see just how successful she is lah. But I’ll take any help I can get, seeing as my gym workouts seem to helping in maintaining my weight, but doing nothing on the loss/slimming aspect.

And I was talking about white things earlier: Guess what I found that was white, and about 1 foot long?

A white/grey hair (uban) on my head!!!

A few weeks ago I’d found one, yanked it out, only to realize that it was in the process of getting white: about an inch at the root was white, the rest was still light brown.

The one I discovered on Friday was ALL WHITE.

11.8 inches of grey hair.

I’m getting old. :p

But it’s not like I’ve not discovered some uban before, not really too too big a deal.

.. But finding a grey pube?

Now THAT’s a bit disconcerting!


  1. Oh man! That's too much information for one post! LOL! :D

  2. Welcome to the Uban Club *LOL*
    I noticed my first white hair on the day of my 30th birthday, so long ago it seems now...
    Don't wory too much about it, it'll probably take another 20 or 30 years before it ALL turns white :-))


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