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Another Wednesday Nite!

8:30pm saw me at the lounge of one of the hotels in the Bukit Bintang area: a long-lost friend of mine is performing there – piano & singing, accompanied by a cello. Haven’t seen her in maybe 4 or 5 years! Couldn’t catch up too much tho (she *was* working, after all), but it was so great to see her again. And yes, she’s got a great voice.

Baby Angel met me there, hung out a bit more, then moved on to the main agenda for the night: Wednesday maaaah, ladies nite!

~9:30pm saw us at Qba, a latin-themed bar at the Westin Hotel. Serving sangrias for the ladies: bleh. Seemed like a nice layout/setup, but I just didn’t dig the songs. And when they ran out of sangrias quite soon after we got there (we did manage to down two by then, LOL!), we took that as a sign to move on to our main target.

~1030pm we were at Planet Hollywood: had to show our IC to get in: but not to check for age, just to make sure you have an ID. Weird. Anyways… I hit the white wine, Baby Angel the red (later white tho, they ran outta red). The band was pretty okay – certainly more my kind of noise sound. We stayed on and on and on, the place slowly filled up, the songs got noisier, loads of people to laugh at (come on, wearing SHADES?? Gimmie a break people!!), some fending off too LMAO!

It was a *bit* disconcerting for me, though, because while I was physically there with Baby Angel in the here and now, mentally I was 6 years in the past: in my mind’s eye, the band onstage was NRG, I was there with Mitch and some other gym pals (now all EX-pals, good riddance to bad rubbish!), my slightly "wilder" days... Some half-blacked out (and blocked out?) fuzzy memories of those unhappy times came back too... no need details lah, let's just say the acheyhol helped "unlock" a lot of repressed emotions of that time in my life: can you say volcanic eruption?

Glad I'm so much happier now. (Sends mental hugs to Kosh)

One happy memory of that time: RHCP’s Californication album was flaming hot, and I’d request Otherside every time, and just go crazy when the opening guitar chords were played… “How long how looonnng will I slide….” Shivvvvvvvvvver I *so* love that song!! (listening to it NOW while I type, btw). If the band last night had actually played Otherside I would have been ecstatic! Of course, I couldn’t remember the official song title last night, otherwise I might just have tried to request it. Oh well :p

~215am we were in the car. I was so surprised it was that late already! I guess I musta enjoyed the music more than I realized, otherwise we’d have been outta there around midnight, I’m sure!

But while I was fine to drive, I wasn’t sure if a breathalyzer would like me :( so Baby Angel directed me to a mamak somewhere in the Taman Permata area, via the non-main roads, and we chilled out there for a while. I was feeling hungry, and devoured their killer nasi lemak (the sambal is to die for!) while we chatted about Life, The Universe and Everything (or thereabouts).

Dropped Baby Angel off at past 4am. 5am saw me back in “my” room.

That was an 8+hour outing!


I certainly did NOT expect an all-nighter! That was so cool! Can’t do this too often, but I’d probably plan on one more outing like this before I leave. Hopefully KS would be able to join then. Maybe Rail? Anyone else wanna join?

Pssssssst! If I didn’t need to be the Designated Driver, even better!! *grin!*


  1. hi lynne,
    i juz dicovered your blog yesterday n i just love it. i read about the 'ghost' thingy n decided to blog about it as well, just to share my side of story...
    anyway, keep up the good work!


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