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i suppose i was an early bird...

... because I'd certainly caught a worm! :p

that previous entry about the lesbo email thingy? was a worm targetting Yahoo!Mail users. thanx for all y'all's comments/thoughts on that, btw.

but that's not why i've been silent....

... i suspect the PC's modem might be fried or something... i just. can't. dial. up! but using the exact same connection with the laptop is fine. grrrrrr!

... and then... can't sign in to blogger... so I'm doing this via flickr... we'll see lah if this gets posted or not....

"this" being the pic of the 11 of us who attended the pseudo-reunion a week ago. i was going to list all 11 of us, but that would involve coming up with too many pseudonyms at a time when my brain is feeling a bit fried.

so no names lah.

which one am I? the one in green lah! ;-)


  1. Lurvvvve the picture. I sebenarnya malu nak tell u..but i finally created my own blog..hehe..still malu...still got a lot to meddle with..still struggling..

  2. Ohhh, so that explains the recent lack of updates from you. But anyways, welcome back, lynne. Have a great weekend. :-)

  3. Ya know, my computer lost it's connection too the other day for no reason (there's always a reason).

    I removed the network settings and reinstalled them. Fired right up.

    Somebody told me to blame it on Mars retrograde. Whatever that means.

  4. Nice picture!

    I wondered where you were! I was beginning to think... is lynne ok?

  5. I count at least 8 gals wearing green! LOL. MS (Ex-PBU)

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  7. As I suspected, you had caught a virus.

    The frog statue looks kind of familar from my bachelor days when we used to hang out in Hartams or it some place else.

  8. Neome> welcome to the blogging world, gurl!! :-)

    SG> always good to hear from u SG - i still owe u a meme or two... ugh :p

    Chanakin> heheh @ Mars! i tried deleting and reinstating the network connections, but did nothing :-( will be bringing the CPU to the shop for some proper troubleshooting .. i *hope* it's *just* the modem that's fried... and if it is, I'm gonna be looking out for a surge protector for the phone line!

    Kilax> heyya, thanx :-) yep, am okay, just having these connection problems :(

    MS> actually we all are (dress code, mah!), tho some seem to be less green than others :p

    Kulit Kitab> errrr, oookaayyyyy :p

    Adam> worm, not virus. slight difference, i believe :p

  9. Apart from you, I think I recognize 3 other people in that photo :-)

    Aiyoo, so many shades of green...

    One word of caution: if you do bring the PC for repair, do make sure that the hard disk is clean, i.e. clean out the cache if you or one member of your family des e-banking, personal photos, personal files, documents, etc. You never know who's going to do what.


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