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music memories revue

Music has always been an important part of my life.

The original source of music was my parents' collection of vinyls. They had The Beatles' HELP album, which I loved. I discovered excellent Irish folk songs from an album by Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers. Later, my parents bought the Voulez-Vous album by ABBA: I loved almost every song! So ABBA became one of my fave groups. (I was barely 9 years old, i think). I also discovered Gene Pitney. And the Bee Gees. But the FIRST will always be the sountrack of The Sound of Music: I'd spend hours sitting right by the speakers listening to it over and over and over again - I knew all the songs well before I ever saw the movie!

I'd sing along to all these songs, imagining I was part of the band, or fantasising myself into a situation being described by the song. At one point, I imagined that the "screams" on Dizzy Miss Lizzy were being provided by Ringo, a Ringo who was being beaten up by the other Beatles to get just the right effect, and that I stepped in to defend him. LOL!

I remember arguing with my brother about lyrics to The Archies' song: he insisted it was "... you are my handy girl ..." while I insisted it was "... candy ...": after all, the song's title was Sugar, Sugar maaaah!

One day, in secondary school, Venus mentioned something about listening to Kasey Casem and the American Top40. And o. m. g. that was the start of my plunge into pop: It was played for 1hr on M, Tu, Th & F every week, 10pm. I had a radio in my room, by my bed, and I'd listen without fail. What was that phrase? "Keep your feet on the ground, but keep reaching for the stars"? *grin!*

My first ever CD owned was Poison's Flesh and Blood. It was a gift, probably X-mas 1990. My first year in the U.S. - one of the first things I did was buy me a SONY player - i suppose it was a boom box: double cassette deck, radio and CD player. Thus my CD collection started.

But.. my first year in the U.S. is also memorable because *gasp!* we had MTV!!! and it played GOOD stuff, not the crap you see nowadays.

I still remember hearing the start of a song, nice twangs of guitars, went to watch the video, and was just mesmerised by both the song as well as the droolicious lead singers : Matthew & Gunnar Nelson. Went to their concert too - and they sounded as good live as on their album. They were great!!! And at one time I actually knew which of the two had the bangs and which didn't, so I could differentiate them. Their poster graced one of the walls of my room!

And and and! not only did we have MTV, we also had GREAT radion stations! Sure, looking back I know them to "just" be good ol "format radio", but when compared to how radio programmes were done in Malaysia at that time, format radio was H.E.A.V.E.N.! (of course, NOW, I'm one of those lovin to catch the anti-format stations, e.g. BOB FM over at Bloomington [i think?], or The Chief in Champaign-Urbana).

Magic 104, broadcasting out of Oklahoma City was the favourite of most of us sent to Norman, Okla. that fateful summer of 1990. They had this request program at night called Magic After Dark. I so had a crush on the DJ. Me & housemate used to call up to request songs, and *i* would even be on the line with him for hours (but having to be put on hold every so often while he had to actually talk on air, LOL!). Even went out on a date. But then it seems he boasted to the station that he'd gone further with me than actual fact. Creep.

But how did I find that out? Through *another* DJ of that station, LMAO! That guy I never met, but he was really nice, and lent many sympathetic ears to me.

Really, I look back at those times and just HAVE to smile at my joie de vivre! Tho a LOT of it was joie der libertie, being AWAY from the restrictions of society in Malaysia.

Even during my past life as a member of the rat race, music was close at hand. Fitted my trusty car with a 10-disc CD changer, so I had a variety of artistes to accompany me while stuck in rush hour traffic getting to/from work.

At the desk I ever wanted to impose my music on others [seeing as most people liked Light&Easy or Top40 songs, and there I was with Metallica, GnR, Meat Loaf, Jackyl... i liked a sliiiiiiiightly heavier sound!], so I rarely listened to anything at work. And I don't like things tucked in my ears, so while I did play *some* music while listening with headphones, it wasn't very often.

And now - the digital era. MP3s are the in-thing. iPods and MP3players.


I suppose I'll end up a fan - or a user. After all, Kosh has two iPod products. And I do like how I can get hold of just that ONE song I want, as opposed to having to buy one album with 9 other superfluous songs.


If we move to just MP3s and purchasing these things online... what about album covers? all that excellent artwork - no more?!! what about the booklet and contents - especially lyrics??!! I like having a "physical" album!!!

I guess I'm a bit old school?


  1. Flesh and Blood was one of my early CDs as well. But I had Open and Say... Ahhhhhh before that. My first CD, officially, was The Black Crowes' Shake Your Money Maker.

    Good stuff.

    Wow, MTV playing music? Seems so long ago.

  2. Brought back memories. Like you started off listening to the Beatles, Bee Gees, Abba, Bonny M and others. moved on to rock and heavy metal later in school.

    My all time favourites is 'And I love her' by the Beatles, Star by Nazareth and Amanda by Boston. Some say that they are boring songs but who cares.

  3. Kev> i know.. MTV's gone so downhill that i so do NOT miss having extended cable! it used to be that was *all* i watched when i was studying in the u.s. 1990-1995.

    Adam>omg Boney M! Yes!!! That was another one I loved to listen to :-) I think my parents have just the one vinyl - entitled Bononnonoos or something. Great stuff! Don't know the Nazareth song - will check it out, one fine day :-)

    Chanakin> hehehe certainly NOTHING wrong at all :-)

  4. We used to have a LOT of vinyl records around the house when I was a kid, then it was replaced by, cassette tapes that were eventually replaced by cd's. hehe, that's progress for ya. :-)

    But yeah, I do miss those cool album covers of the past...


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