Friday, July 20, 2007

fan tail my a**

So yesterday i was looking for accessories in red/white in a token attempt to fit in the color scheme of a certain wedding I'll be attending in a week's time... found a funky hair accessory Vidal Sassoon's Hair Tail which I immediately grabbed since I'm always on the lookout for things to do with my hair [I have so many hair thingies!], costing USD3, which was a total waste of money. If you see this product on sale and you are tempted by it, take it from me, don't bother. Heck, I even had Kosh play hairstylist trying to figure out how it worked (not that he's an expert of anything, and maaan that would have made for a hilarious photo!) but he couldn't figure it out either. The directions suck! The product sucks!

For some reason, I looked online to see if there was any advice/buzz on this product. Found this. Kinda funny how the winning answer just regurgitates the useless directions. Just confirms my opinion of that whole section of Yahoo.

On to other news: It's amazing how some people are going out of their way to ruin the Harry Potter final book experience for fans [or non-fans, as Dave informs us...]... heck, even the New York Times came out with a review before the book's official release, never mind that they didn't reveal *who* dies, just how many: their "excuse" is that they came across the book by legitimate means and therefore had all the right in the world to read and review it [even though they *knew* no book was to be sold until the 21st!]. I don't get it. Not that I understand the fans either - if you don't want the experience spoilt, then don't read the friggin spoilers! Geeeez!

Me, I just roll my eyes, and just hope that amazon gets it to me before I leave!

And yes, I'm leaving on a jet plane. By this time next week, I should be already in KL, perhaps already having consumed teh tarik and roti canai... Sri Stephen's cheese naan will have to wait till after the weekend. Yummmm :-) The postcard offer is still wide open - go click on the image of the postcard up there on the top of my sidebar to get details. Go! Go! Oh come on, like you don't enjoy getting something *other* than bills in your snail mailbox...


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  1. I am always buying "hair things" too... I need to quit wasting so much money!

    Have a safe trip!


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