Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'll send you a postcard!

okay, it's official. I will NOT be able to attend BlogHer2007 because I will be in Malaysia. I will NOT be able to attend the Chicago Bloggers Meet-up because i will be in Switzerland.

Geeez! I am away for one month. ONE month. And it's within this one month that these two events occur.

okay okay okay yes that's a lot of hot air from me, since I know I'd have serious uncertainties about coming out from behind this blog and actually MEETING people [I don't do well in "live" situations in general, with strangers even worse!! and I do want to keep some sort of anonymity/facelessness here...], but you know what, having the OPTION of attending taken away is why I'm being ornery :p

... but here's some good news to come out of this tragedy: Any readers want to receive a postcard from Malaysia and/or Switzerland? Yes, a physical snail-mail postcard with exotic foreign stamps and an impersonal message for all postcarriers to read and laugh at before stuffing it into your inbox. Anyone? Hurry, before I change my mind!

Here are the rules / conditions:
  • Email me [azlynne1972 at gmail dot com] your name & postal address. Do NOT leave the information in the comments for the whole WWW to see and abuse! By all means leave me a comment saying you've emailed me, that would be fine :-)
  • Email subject line needs to contain "POSTCARD REQUEST"
  • Please specify if you want a postcard from Malaysia, or Switzerland, or both.
  • "closing date": Requests should be received by 8th August 2007 19th August 2007 [yes, that's in a month's time! I may extend this if the load isn't too bad...]
  • I will endeavor to fulfill all requests by 27th August 2007.
  • I pledge that I will not abuse the information provided: your name and address will be used only for the purposes of this postcard effort - no record will be kept, and the email will be deleted by 31st August 2007.
  • NOTE: if this effort gets too tiring or expensive, I will give priority to whose who requested only one postcard. Also, I reserve the right to desert this effort if I feel like it: if that happens, I'll email ya an apology from Switzerland/Malaysia instead of the postcard, k?
  • What I ask in return: Once you receive your postcard, please devote a line or two on your blog to it/me, with a link to . If you get two postcards, you link to me in two separate posts. Sound fair?

Allllll righty then! Let's get those requests rolling in!

POSTED @ 2pm 8th July 2007. "Stickified" until 8th August 2007. I'll refer to this post by an image in the sidebar.

= = = = = [leaving room for updates!] = = = = =


  1. I'll take postcards from both of these exotic locations!

    It's the least you can do since you'll be off cavorting in Switzerland instead of having pizza with me! :-)

  2. Hope to see you in Kuala Kangsar. Maybe we can share laksa together.

    Write to me and we've a date, but I got to take along my dear wife along. Couldn't leave her all alone, could I?

  3. Waaa... must be a great feeling to be back in Malaysia :-)

  4. Azman> hmmm, didn't you read that bit about remaining anonymous/faceless? I'm only offering postcards, not dates! But thanks anyway.

    :fir"> eh.. I can take it or leave it. I'll look forward to some nasi lemak, teh tarik, and maybe meeting up with some friends though.

  5. Aww :( I wish you could come to the meet-up! I am thinking it will be a lot of fun!


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