Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Learning a new thing every day...

Malaysia boasts of being the location of the world's largest single bloom flower, the Rafflesia. I've never seen it live, only photos: it's one ugly mofo, this large thing that's kinda plopped on the ground. Its main characteristic [apart from its size] is its smell: it stinks to high heaven, like rotting meat.

So I noticed something on Yahoo!News today highlighting that a carrion flower has bloomed in its vomit-inducing glory at the National Botanic Garden in Washington, and was very surprised to see it wasn't the Rafflesia!

Wait, wait wait what?? There are actually OTHER stinky flowers out there in the world??!

But hey, take a look at this other Carrion Flower, of the type featured in that news article... is it any wonder that such information was not made available in Malaysia?

It would have been too embarrassing for ANYone to contemplate its shape, no?

That's the Amorphophallus, btw.

My new thing learned today :-)


  1. cantiknyer bnga itu..anyways u.ve been tagged for charity

  2. "amorphos, "without form, misshapen" + phallos, "penis")"

    Oh yes, I can totally see the embarrassment of contemplating the shape LOL.

    But hey, at least they gave it an appropriate name :P


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