Monday, July 30, 2007

alive, part 2

... hey so remember I had this fever? well, I think there's no chance of it still hanging around, I musta sweated it allllll out tonight! seriously! unfortunately I did eat some nasi minyak and beef rendang, we'll see how my tummy reacts to it... my gut's been giving me some unhappy rumbles, but they seem kinda half-hearted, so there's hop that the purgearama's done too :-)

random aside: i would never have guessed my brother could actually look good in red!

Photos and more detailed update later, maybe. depending on if I get the pix and whether I want to deal with dial-up :p ... which reminds me: random aside #2: one of my fave Coffee Beans [across from PJ Hilton] has been taken over by Secret Recipe! Aaarrgghh!! Nvm, I have a date on Friday evening at a new Beanie kat Bangsar Shopping Village II :-)

Time soon to rest my aching feet... In the morning will probably meet up with some of the relatives for breakfast before they head back. After that, the family obligation portion of this visit is d.o.n.e. :-) Then I can schedule my massage/torture sessions, and other chit-chat sessions... next thing you know the 3 weeks will be up and I had better have run all the errands that need running!!

And on that note... g'nite all!

p/s: the postcard offer is still open, so if you want to receive something other than spam or bills in your snail-mail box, then click on the postcards image on the sidebar for details on how I can help brighten up your day :-)


  1. Hey,lynne
    How's ya?
    Me back to blogging..

    with best wishes

  2. I am happy you feel better and got there safe... even though it took so long! Enjoy your visit!


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