Sunday, July 01, 2007

I was never a huge fan, but ...

... for some reason, the news that the Spice Girls are reuniting and touring somehow brings a smile to my face :-)

There was something so infectious about so many of their songs, they certainly burrowed into and claimed a [small] place in my heart :-)

Girl power, indeed!

My fave spice gal? Eh, I suppose Melanie C. [sporty spice] irritated me least of all, Lol!

Anyways... so above was Spice Girls at the height of their popularity... here's how they Spice Girls Women look like now:
(L-R) Posh, Sporty, Ginger, Baby, Scary.

At least TWO have had their boobs done!


  1. You're really starting to worry me.

    Also, was that last bit a challenge to us to figure out which two?

  2. I kind of liked the Spice girls. They were all about having a lot of fun, smiling, singing and just enjoying life. It was contagious. Their smiles and good spirits certainly had its effect on me. Though I can't say that it was the girls themselves that had me like them, as such. I found their music happy and sweet, and great for dancing, so that's why I liked them. It wasn't deep and meaningful music, like so much of what I like, perhaps that's why they were so popular? Breath of fresh and unserious air. *lol*

    VIctoria's tits look like a pair of, yes what!? Hard to tell. They definitely don't look like tits.

    Hope you are enjoyig the summer Lynne!


  3. Ps My favourite was Mel C too. I have her first solo cd. It is brilliant, and I mean it...


  4. LOL, the Spice Girls. Being a guy, I'm obviously not a fan but if Take That can make it, they can too I suppose. :-P

  5. Kev> not much of a challenge though, is it? Especially when a rather small and saggy pair in the "before" picture" looks to be bursting out of its containment area in the "after" picture, LMAO!

    Ummi> *wink!*

    Monsoon> "I run to you" isn't that Mel C's solo hit? It was, ummm, listenable for sure, but I wasn't impressed anough to explore her other solo stuff.

    "fir"> did Take That do a reunion thingy? I didn't pay attention to them, obviously, LoL!

  6. Yep, Take That just released a new album after a successful reunion tour last year. They already got two more UK No. 1 singles and a Brit Awards. :-P

    I guess some things never grow old in people's mind, LOL.

  7. Aha.. so yeah, I assume we can, ummm, look forward to a new gurrrl power album next year is the reunion for Spice Girls goes well...

    thanx for the info on Take That: I think Take That were hot then broke up just before I started paying attention to the music scene again. For example I know they existed, and I know in theory that Robbie Williams was part of the group, but in my mind he's always been a solo artist.

  8. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Take That reunited without Robbie Williams. In turn, Robbie's last album flopped... things seem to work in a weird way in this world these days :-P


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