Monday, July 02, 2007


no this is NOT a scheme to make you hit F5 / refresh so that I log more page views per visitor... but you'll only see the result of my latest tinkering with this blog if you *do* hit F5/refresh... so humor me please and refresh this page? Thanx! You like? Me being me, I'm going to go for overkill and load up like TEN or MORE since I found so many I liked, LoL!

- hack: here
- images: here, here and mostly here.

P/S> the next step is to incorporate elements of / change this into a Neo-type blog. Work in progress: here


  1. Good grief - I never knew there was so many cool things you can do with Blogger. I just wish I had the time (and energy) to try some of this stuff. I'm quite sure you'll find the exact same template at my place 5 years from now ;b

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I've to revert back to my old Thur's three column Minima classic coz I can't get the drop down menu working. I've to do some experiment before I'm up to par with the new layout. I'm a classic guy, the new layout is beyond me. Maybe you can help me out or I might be using your Flooble's Expandable Contents. FYI, I got the four column template from Mauriya's. BTW, love your new header. Got a lot of ideas coming, eh? I can see the bulb blinking, lip lap, lip lap, lip lap...

  3. whoa~
    cooooool la! as for me, dah pening pusing2 trying to find one i really like so going to stick with what i have now

  4. Very cool. Now if only I can convince Typepad to let me do that as well. I've been wanting to implement a rotating header image for some time now.

  5. HH> you're missing out! But there's certainly something to be said for maintaining your brand/image too...

    Noor> thanx for the link! But yeah, I think the most I'd go to is 3-col. I'll go see how yours looks right now. The Flooble Expandable Contents work good enough for me - I bet there are other options available, but the few I came across required a LOT of messing around within the template - after trying anf failing a few times, the Flooble thing was ideal!

    Ummi> heehehe I can relate, totally! I noticed that your source of new template only provides blogger classic/old templates, what a bummer! I'm getting more appreciative of all these widget thingies in Beta/New blogger, so I suppose I'll just keep tinkering some more over here...

    Kev> Yeah this is where I go blur - just how different *is* the coding stuff from one platform to another? I'm glad there are plenty of hackers around on blogspot to feed me the tweaks I need :-)

    Karl> yup, well *i* certainly think so, anyway, LoL! btw - nice to "see" ya! Guest posts are *not* satisfying! :-D


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