Sunday, July 29, 2007

i'm alive... barely!

just a quick touch base...

1. from door-to-door, it was a journey of 37 hrs, including a 6+ hr layover at LAX. The trip itself wasn't horrendous, and all that downtime enabled me to finish off Harry Potter #7, whoohoo! I'll review that at another time.

2. less than 24 hrs after arriving, fever struck. I was over 38.5°C (101+°F), so spent most of the day battling it off.

3. the following morning (4:30am), the fever was down, but guess who started having pure liquid concentrated evil coming out of her butt? Uh-huh, purgerama... no idea if it's related to #2 or just an unfortunate confluence of events...

4. as a result of #2 & #3, I was in no shape to attend the official "akad nikah" at the mosque this morning. Am feeling much better now, although I don't dare eat anything b/c I really don't want to tax my digestive system any more than it already has been... but at least I *should* be able to mark the occasion of my brother's wedding tonight at the reception.

5. so far all I've able to help out with is jazz up a power point presentation and prepare namecards for 4 tables. wow I feel useful!

... and on that note... I might as well go catch some z's... going to be a long night!



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