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#1004: Life After Work '06 - wedding pix and onwards!

The recap of Life After Work's past 1000 posts continues!! Up until yesterday, the posts were written by me as a single person.. today that changes: from here on out, I was married to Kosh, and the "Lynne Naranek" persona emerged fully. I wonder if it shows in the posts... read on and see for yourself, k? :)

= = =

Post #619: ... and the bride wore black! [September 19th, 2006]
Okay so I'm not going every tenth post right here, because hey I might as well highlight the first blog post announcing the wedding :)

Post #627: long overdue... [September 22nd, 2006]
... and this post features the wedding announcement we sent out, only a few weeks late, LoL!

Post #632: Saturday Sanity [September 30th, 2006]
I watch a lot of tv with Kosh, and here I blog about two separate movies / tv shows that had actors I recognised from elsewhere. I heart imdb!

Post #642: Warning! Major time waster ahead! [plus some pix] [October 14th, 2006]
... and that warning in the title is SO true ... upon reviewing the site pointed to, I ended up spending more time than I wanted just re-exploring a whole bunch of funny pix... back then I said there were over 800 images... now there are over 1800!

Post #652: Fillers: WWTD & a tiger jigsaw puzzle [October 27th, 2006]
... where I share two hilarious jokes... you're missing out if you don't click through and check them out!!

Post #662: November's Bits & Pieces [November 12th, 2006]
A post complaining about getting ZAPPPPPED by static electricity, and gushing about Bat out of Hell III :)

Post #668: no more grandparents for me! [November 29th, 2006]
I mark the passing of my Swiss grandmother, the last of my direct links to that level of the family tree...

Post #672: I'm a cunning linguist! and other stories [December 5th, 2006]
Another quiz result and other news.

Post #682: X-factor [December 23rd, 2006]
LoL! I totally forgot about Letters from Bad Santa!! Will have re-feature it in an upcoming December post :)

Post #692: "Hey, he/she looks familiar...." [January 22nd, 2007]
Another I heart imdb post, this time involving Galaxy Quest, Angel, Bones and Law&Order!

Post #702: another meme - book related [March 13th, 2007]
... a book meme, concentrating on sci-fi/fantasy. I didn't fare too well then, and I don't think I've read any others from that list since then!

Post #712: misc on monday [April 2nd, 2007]
A throwaway post on more internet quiz results.

Post #722: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf Tech? (Part Two) [April 22nd, 2007]
Part Two of two (I never did get my thoughts together for the promised Part Three) about the Virginia Tech tragedy.

Post #732: grrrrrrr! [May 12th, 2007]
... where I am frustrated with mysterious effects arising from a template change. I've since changed templates at least twice, I think, LoL!

Post #742: seven hundred forty two [June 13th, 2007]
Thank goodness for this post! This helped confirm my suspicions that I was "off" in my counting of blog posts... by 201!! :D And why would I mark such an odd number in the first place? I don't know... perhaps a part of me knew that in the future, this particular post should be numbered so that when I do this recap, I can go back and fix some things with minimal heartache? :D :D

Post #751: I was never a huge fan, but ... [July 1st, 2007]
Upon hearing news of their reunion, I reminisce about the Spice Girls a little, and wonder who got boob jobs done!

Post #761: fan tail my a** [July 20th, 2007]
... this post continues to score search hits from other victims of the useless piece of hair accessory called the fan tail.

Post #771: cancelled?! [August 24th, 2007]
Just a short paragraph about Kosh's canceled flight to Zurich, due to horrendous weather. Thankfully he managed to get on another plane the next day. The already short trip was made even shorter, and he was a zombie for most of the time, the poor guy!

Post #781: Friggin Facebook! [September 20th, 2007]
Heehee my first post about how much of an insidious timesuck Facebook is! Oh, and excellent cat pix, so please click on through!

Post #791: postcard recap! [October 29th, 2007]
A recap of my first ever I'll send you a postcard! effort, which was later reborn as The Postcard/Link Exchange of 2009.

Post #800: kitchen eggventures! [December 6th, 2007]
... where I share some (mis-)adventures in the kitchen, and a humorous X-mas card :)

= = =

We're reaching the home stretch now! We have about 20-30 representative posts of the remaining 200 posts to go... stay tuned!!

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