Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is it KitKat time?

Life After Work will be on a short break for slightly over a week, until early July: the Naranek household will be moving (within Chicago, no worries), and will be needing a lot of non-internet time to pack, move, unpack and settle in the new place.

^^ no, that's not me!

By all means, please follow me on Twitter for random updates over the next week or so, and beyond. And in case you haven't already done so, how about taking this opportunity to subscribe to this blog via email or in a reader? This way you'll easily know when I'm back in action! :)


[Photo Credit: Moving Woman by jynmeyer]


  1. Good luck with the move. I'm gonna laugh, though, if you're on a moving vacation from your blog, but Kosh continues to post anyway. ;-)

  2. Wow, you picked a really hot time to move! Stay cool!


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