Thursday, June 04, 2009

#1006: first millennium recap comes to an end

This is it, folks! The final countdown!

= = =
Post #950: January Book Update! [January 19th, 2009]
One of my many book posts, this one looking at what I was currently-reading and what waiting to be read, hopefully before they were due to be returned to the library :D

Post #962: this is gonna raise Kosh's eyebrows... [February 18th, 2009]
... where I share my intention of looking for and partaking of MOK YEE, a type of fungus that is supposed to be excellent for reducing cholesterol, and acknowledge that my Western-minded hubby would be shaking his head at my Asian-remedy finding.

Post #973: ... my ghostly school? [March 18th, 2009]
If you're one for ghost stories, do revisit this post, where I share tales about my old school that sob! sob! doesn't exist anymore.

Post #984: What a sight! [April 10th, 2009]
Kosh and I took a walk downtown, and were awedumbstruck by some newly-installed pieces of "art" in Millennium Park.

Post #988: I won! [April 21st, 2009]
My first ever winning of tangible stuff through the internets! Of course, the card, and gift card, have since gone missing :(

Post #997: My niece and I [May 15th, 2009]
What better way to end this recap than with my adorable niece? Click on through to see the sweetie for yourself. She'll be turning all of one year old in just a few weeks!

= = =

With that, the ~10% recap of Life After Work's first millennium of posts now draws to a close.

'Regular' programming to follow.

Right after I...
  • respond to a 4+ month old interview by Culture Shock

  • actually ~write~ something for a planned post-exchange with Roz @ Life in Australia

  • get a handle on my queue of, umm, stuff... let's leave it at that...

Umm, yeah... this might take a while!
(Old books... image by nkzs)

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