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... my ghostly school?

Some people are sharing their ghost stories! Check out Lina... and Foong (71 comments and counting!)... and here's me, from a few years ago.

My school has had its share of spooky happenings.

You see, during the Japanese Occupation, it is said that the building was used as a hospital, and that many people died there. Apart from Japanese soldiers, there have also been sightings of a headless nun, brandishing a bloody cross.

It seems that a few years after I graduated from high school, there was a case of mass hysteria at the school, where many students reported having seen these otherworldly beings. I can't help but wonder if I would have seen anything, if I'd still been there... but it's okay, I think I'll be fine having avoided that experience! :D

Back in the late 90's, there was a reunion organised to bid goodbye to the school building: the school was moving to Selayang, so the real St Mary's School building was going to be left empty, another victim of development. So a whole bunch of St Marians, from still schooling to yuppies to mothers to perhaps even grandmothers descended to 7 Jalan Tengah for one last time.

The event was due to start at like 8pm, and of course a bunch of us arrived early, and, with nothing else better to do, explored the buildings,,, and then one of us suggested to visit the old bungalow.

This old bungalow situated behind the main building is surrounded by old trees, and is where the Prefects Room was, where the small bookstore was, where the Sick Bay was, where Christian fellowship was held, where an old piano was used during said CF sessions, where the trumpets and clarinets of the school band would practice when not marching on the field with us drummers. It was also the location of reports of the piano playing when no one was around, of voices being heard but again, no one around, and other spooky stuff.

Turns out later that there were one or two sensitives/sighted people, who ~SAW~ the nun as we approached the bungalow: they tried to dissuade us from exploring the rotting building, but, well, we didn't know any better.

One step in, though, and I knew just from a practical perspective, that the building was unsafe. Like I said, it was rotting badly. One of the girls, though, was kinda running around exclaiming loudly at everything, and when we said to be careful, let's just go, she said, no lah it's safe, see? and started jumping up and down on the floor.

The floorboards broke, sending her through the floor!

Well, actually she was stuck about halfway. Thankfully! If she'd fallen all the way through?? Under the bungalow?? Where it has always been creepy even in the middle of the bright afternoon? And there we were at night??? Bleeaaahhh!! I got the shivers just thinking about it!!

Anyways, so we pulled her out, and got the heck out of there!

Okay so the above isn't a actual ghost story, but, as discussed recently among some of who had been there that night, it wouldn't be surprising if "the spirits" just didn't appreciate all that din she was making...

... who knows...

For the longest time, the school building lay deserted.

Those of us who worked in the area, or happened to pass by, would update us every once in a while. "So sad, it's just left like that..." "Can you imagine? The canteen is now a mamak shop?" "The school field is a parking lot!"

Someone reported about having gone to visit the deserted school, and having chatted with the pak gad (the guard / attendant) about having gone to school there. He then shared that "... he used to work till 11pm but, then, these days, he stopped at 7pm (maghrib time) because..normally after maghrib hours..he would hear people singing an English song in the hall (his table & chair is placed at the seniors toilet-next to the hall kan??) and sometimes, he'd hear books being flung around..."

Early this year, the news came: after lying deserted for almost a decade, the buildings were gone. Development had started. The image on the right is a birds eye view taken from the nearby KL Tower.

So sad! But the deserted building really was an eyesore, so I suppose it's good that things are finally being done?

... but word is they are going to build luxury condominiums there.

I kinda doubt there will be many, if any at all, former students from St Mary's who would be lining up to get a piece of that pie...

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  1. Spooky! I can imagine the feeling. My school, MGS in Raub also was scary in the day let alone at night.

    I think that apart from the rotting building, the spirits did want to give your friend a jolt. They may feel you are trespassing.

    Talking about this, I remembered one time, I went for a picnic at a river in Kuala Medang (really ulu place) and was making quite a ruckus there. Returning home, I was unable to open my mouth for two weeks (or was it a month). Despite visits to see Doctors, I was able to finally open my mouth after a visit to a Bomoh who gave me some "air jampi" to put on my lips. It pays not to disturb the peace in strange places. :)

    A lot of cerita hantu going around. Takut!!!!

  2. Recently some former colleagues of mine in SG drove to Tioman for the weekend. It was early evening when they crossed the Causeway. Not long after, they were driving along a stretch of quiet roads. Out of the blue they saw a lady flagging them down for a ride. The men had their reservations n wonder how she came to be there all on her own. They were sure it was a scam n that other accomplices were hiding in the bushes ! So, they drove on ... 100m further n there she was again n that was when they were totally spooked bec they had just left her behind ! They drove as fast as they could n still she manages to show herself 3 more times b4 she disappears !

    On their return journey, they make sure it still has daylight when driving back !

  3. I miss the old wooden floorings or the classrooms and hall. There are so many good memories of our school days.

    I actually liked hanging out at the bungalow and the field, even sometimes on my own, But never had any "adventures" as mentioned. :)

    About the condo: Well, some former St. Marian might want a spot, not so much as a piece of the pie, but maybe for some sentimental sake of remembering the school... But the condo might turn out to be spooked even. Muahahaha...!!

  4. Scary! I won't want to visit abandoned schools or buildings as these are places devoid of human energy. Such places attract a lot of spirits and ghosts.

    A lot of buildings and hotels have rooms that are not often used and are normally locked. It's best not to visit these rooms as ghosts often dwell inside them. That's why it's always advisable that every room in a building be opened and windows opened to let air and sunshine in regularly to change the energy level in them.

    I have a friend's mom who can see ghosts. For that reason alone, I seldom visit my friend in case I bump into his mom! I'm such a scaredy cat. haha! Read this ghost story from my blog. Enjoy!! : )


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