Sunday, March 29, 2009

Family Guy does TNG!


Ooooh I can't wait!!! :)

... and on another note?

IT'S FRIKKIN' SNOWING??!!?!?!?!!!!!!!
I already packed away my winter boots. So that's settled then. We ain't going out nowhere. Not until it melts. Well it already kinda is, it certainly sounds slushy, and the temp is supposed to be right at 32F right now. But still.
Grumble grumble grumble.
rabble rabble rabble.

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  1. Same here..snow this morning.. on my moving day no less.. I'm grumbling right along with you.. Now if only I can find my ice scraper..

  2. My kids have spring break this week. They are not pleased! It isn't even good sledding snow, it is all melty and wet. If it could have just been either cold and snowy OR warm and beautiful they would have been happy because either way is fun to play in. This way we can't even really play outside!

  3. I know. And I am in Seattle and this winter has been horrendous. This week doesn't look too bad. Winter! Go away!!!


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